Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ettusais Aroma Body Jelly, Shower Colognes, Aqua Splash Body and BB Mineral

Earlier this week, I was hosted to a charming tea session by the wonderful Ettusais marketing team to preview their upcoming products.

Happy face donuts and a welcoming mouse :-)

In August, Ettusais will be launching an Aroma Body Jelly, two Shower Colognes and an Aqua Splash Body. All four are limited edition.

The Aroma Body Jelly is a cooling, body moisturiser that helps to keep body acne at bay with anti-inflammatory sodium glycyrrhizinate. It is recommended to help cool and soothe the skin after sun exposure. The relaxing floral fruity fragrance has top notes of lemon and "watery green note"; middle notes of pear, peach, apple, plum, rose, jasmine and lily of the valley; and base notes of amber and woody musk.

The oil-free, colorant-free jelly absorbs quite readily without any greasy feeling. The aroma (which is dominated by the pear and peach notes) is quite light without being too sweet or cloying.

The Shower Cologne (90ml) in Floral Rose and Fruity Peach are body and hair mists that help to mask unpleasant odors while keeping skin and hair moisturised with hydrating agents like trehalose. The silicone-free formula contains a "cuticle repair agent" to help smooth hair.

The Floral Rose Shower Cologne has rose, peony, cherry blossom notes mixed with apple, peach and pear over a base of sandalwood, iris, amber and musk. The Fruity Peach Shower Cologne is a sweet peach mixed with orange, cassis, guava, pineapple, raspberry, coconuts and softened with jasmine, lily of the valley and musk. I found both the Floral Rose and Fruity Peach to be innocuously subtle and floral. Don't expect a heady voluptuous rose or super ripe peach. On me, the scent lasts about 2-3 hours.

Aqua Splash Body is a body mist that helps combat sweat, sebum and stickiness in sweltering heat conditions. The mineral-rich mist contains sebum-absorbing ingredients, menthol to help cool skin immediately and a "cooling last" ingredient to help skin stay cool. The frozen grapefruit scent reminded me of Milton Pastilles, a mint that I used to like as a kid.

In September, Ettusais will roll out its first ever BB Mineral Cream SPF30 PA++ and BB Mineral Powder SPF16 PA++.

Both are formulated for acne-prone skin and contain Ettusais' trademark AC Control Oil and no fragrance. The loose Mineral Powder is talc-based and comes in 2 shades while the BB Mineral Cream will be available in 3 shades. I'm still testing these out and will review them separately. For ladies who are sensitive to alcohol, do note that the Aroma Jelly, Shower Colognes, Aqua Splash Body and BB Mineral Cream contain ethanol.


Anonymous said...

ohmylord i want that bb cream! I feel the NEED to buy this as long as it doesnt break ppl out, plus the packaging is just so darn pretty! Looking forward to your review! ^^ The aqua spalsh body sounds good too for when I visit Hong Kong in the summer:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

Love your blog. I especially like reading about all the new launches and limited editions of different brands. As i am all the way in Canada, we are usually the last to know of anything (beauty wise) and we don't have much of Asian brands either. So it's really nice to find info and swatches from your blog so I could do some online shopping. :)

Just wondering, did you happend to get a picture of the ettusais BB cream swatch? I would love to see that.


milktea said...

Did you get to keep the cute mousie? :-)
I really like the sound of the BB Mineral Cream, pity it contains ethanol. :-(

Haru said...

hi milktea,
Nope, that cute mouse belongs to one of the Ettusais staff! :-)

hi Moomoo,
I'll post swatches of the BB Cream in a more detailed review later this week.

hi lollipopgracee,
I've been using the BB cream for a couple of days and so far, it hasn't irritated my skin at all.

Chantana said...

Omy, the setting was so cute and sweet as compare to the BSI(lolx)

Haru said...

Oh yes, it was definitely much more pleasant than BSI! :-)