Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sleek Pout Paint

Earlier today, I discovered the new Sleek Pout Paints (£4.99) at the Superdrug in Holborn. These are scheduled to be launched on 3 August, but it seems some Superdrug stores put out products in advance of the official release dates. The Superdrug stores that I've come across all had the testers out for the Au Naturel and Oh So Special i-Divine palettes but no stock of both palettes.

The Pout Paints are extremely pigmented lip stains, similar to OCC Lip Tars. Made in Taiwan, the Pout Paints come in 11 shades that can be mixed as you like to create your own unique shade. The blue shade, Peek-a-Bloo, was missing from the store display.

The pic below shows from left to right: #160 Pinkini, #159 Port, #162 Milkshake and #161 Minx.

Used on its own, I found that Milkshake accentuated the dry patches on my lips. I think these would probably be much easier to apply if mixed with a bit of lipgloss or by prepping the lips first with lipbalm.

The slim tip allows you to control the dispensing of the product easily, which is crucial for lip stains like these as the tiniest bit goes a very long way in providing opaque coverage. Like OCC Lip Tars, each Pout Paint contains 8 ml. The tube looks relatively small but given how little you need to use for one application, it can probably last you for a very long time.


kuri said...

these look great! i might try out sleek's international shipping when these are available.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm some swatches would have been nice ¬_¬

Kas said...

These look good! Pinkini and Minx look so pretty! I saw some swatches on The Glamorous Gleam - they seem VERY pigmented

Haru said...

There were no testers at the store, so I wasn't able to do swatches. I did purchase a few but haven't decided whether to keep all of them.

Hi kas,
Yup, they are ultra pigmented and will require some work to apply nicely.

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy Sleek products in UK? Are they readily available? TIA!

Haru said...

you can find Sleek at Superdrug stores in the UK. You can use the store finder on the Superdrug website to find stores near where you will be.

FacesBySarah said...

wow at the first anonymous poster..
how uncouth. Some appreciation for her effort and intiative to blog would have been nicer.Geez