Friday, 29 July 2011

Kate, Lavshuca, Coffret D'Or and Lunasol Website Updates

The Kate, Lavshuca, Coffret D'Or and Lunasol websites have been updated with the new fall collections.

See the new Kate TV commercial for the Wide Edge Eyes palettes here.

The Lavshuca fall collection includes two Star Decoration Eyes sets and two Pearly Star Liquid glosses. See the shades here.

The Coffret D'Or fall collection, to be released on 1 September in Japan, introduces a Silky Fit Pact N powder foundation, Silky Fit Liquid Foundation and Moist Pact Base.

The Lunasol fall makeup collection will debut on 19 August in Japan. So far, nothing in the collection appeals to me much but Lunasol collections usually look much more attractive in person than in their product visuals.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for more drooolicious updates! It was great having dinner with the you and hubs last night! Jamal had a lovely time!

Have a good trip back to Singapore!