Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Lipsticks

Over the past couple of days, I've been testing out the three new lipsticks from the Paul & Joe fall makeup collection. Swatching on the hand doesn't always give one the most accurate impression of how a lipstick looks on the lips and I was quite surprised by how the various shades actually looked when applied on the lips. The photo below shows from left to right: #72 SoHo, #73 Uptown Girl and #74 Lower East Side.

#72 Soho is a vibrant orange coral that took some getting used to as I've never worn an orange lipstick before. I was surprised that Paul & Joe would do such a bright shade. I quite liked it but I think you need pristine white teeth to pull it off perfectly.

When swatched, #73 Uptown Girl looked like a sheer pink-toned nude but on the lips, it turned out to be more of a creamy peach pink.

#74 Lower East Side turned out to be the easiest to wear as it's a your-lips-but-better healthy nude shade with a hint of warmth. I liked this the best out of the three shades as it looks the most natural. All three shades felt very comfortable on the lips but they do require touch-ups after a meal.

In the first look with #72 Soho, I am also wearing the Face & Eye Color CS #74 Empire State. The crisscrossing pattern requires either a sponge tip applicator or a fine eyeshadow brush like MAC #228 to pick up the individual colours. Personally, I preferred a sponge tip applicator for applying these shades as it improves the intensity of the shades and also comes in handy for blending.

This was a simple gradational look with the greyish black applied along the upper lashline and the shimmery pale gold applied in the crease, browbone and along the lower lashline.


bambam said...

I love Soho on you! It brightens up your whole face :) Makes me want to try a similar shade (that I never cared for), too ;)

CHEM said...

The lipstick collection looks so lovely~
I was wondering why you don't apply the lipstick on the entire surface of your lower lip? (I'm a bit of a makeup newbie XD)

Haru said...

Hi Chem,
I think I did do that. Applying the lipstick beyond that would actually be going beyond my natural lip line.

Kas said...

Hello!!! I like the outdoor LOTD shot! and i like all 3 shades - the orange is lovely and it reminds me that I really should open and start using my Villinous Villains Toxic Tale lipstick!
And am i imagining or did you do something to your hair? A new hairstyle? :D

Haru said...

Nope, my hair is still the same ol' mess! In the outdoor pic, the wind was blowing so maybe that's why it looks different?

kuri said...

they all look lovely, but soho and lower east side look especially flattering on you.

vonnay said...

Wow I made the right decision to purchase Lower East Side on ASOS then! I was in love with the tube design for Lower East Side but wasn't too sure about the mocha colour. I decided to take a leap of faith anyway and bought it! Looking at how it appears on your lips, I think I've made the right choice! =D

Tracy said...

Heya!! Did you cut your hair recently? I love the new look!

Haru said...

hi Tracy,
Yup, I cut my hair shorted a few weeks ago. Nothing too drastic! :-)