Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lola's Cupcakes, Summer Blooms and Angel Wings

During a jaunt to Oxford Circus, I stopped by the Topshop flagship store for another helping of the delectable cupcakes from Lola's.

Alongside my usual favourites of Red Velvet, Oreo and Rocky Road, there was a new flavour of the month for July: salted caramel. It was savoury goodness with the flavours perfectly balanced.

As pretty as they looked, these bite-sized confections were polished off in a jiffy.

Despite the chilly weather and incessant rain in London, I'm still enjoying the bright summer flowers on the streets.

Spot the little bumblebee doing his thing.

A verdant street corner outside a restaurant near Covent Garden with leafy arches and gargoyles.

A soaring angel wings sculpture by Wolfgang and Heron at the N1 shopping plaza in Islington near Angel station.

Somewhat undercutting its magnificence is the fact that under it sits an innocuous milkshake stand.


Unknown said...

Once upon a time that milkshake stand used to be a florist.

Light Love said...

How yummy-looking :)

maccaroon said...

I absolutely LOVE your vibrant photos! They made my day. Please take more and post it here :)

Haru said...

hi maccaroon,
Aww, am touched to hear that! I'll definitely try to post more photos as I wander around London in the next week.

Hi Light Love,
The cupcakes are divine!

Hey Old Cow,
Think I would definitely have preferred to see a florist there :-)

Elaine said...

The cupcakes are really pretty and look yummy!
Enjoy your holiday! :)

makeupmag said...

Gorgeous pix, dear. So very cheery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I am going in Dec and will definitely try to re-trace
your itinerary.
Can u recommend any family friendly hotels in London
that is located near shopping centres, say near Westfield
shopping center? I am looking around now.



Haru said...

Sorry, I'm actually not that familiar with hotels in London and so can't recommend any.