Saturday, 14 August 2010

Anna Sui Bloggers Party

The lovely folks at Anna Sui organised a dinner party on Friday evening for a small group of beauty bloggers at Marmalade Pantry in Ion Orchard. Among those in attendance were Mag, Sara and Chantana.

Kas and I must have eaten at least half of the ginormous chocolate cake while trying to take this photo!

Kas holding court with her MAC lipgloss! :-)

After Marmalade, we trooped over to the Anna Sui promotional area on the ground floor of Wisma Atria to check out the new fall collection. Wish I had such a pretty dressing table at home!

The delectable spread of new eyecolours. The eyeshadow duos each contain a shimmery powder eyeshadow and a more intense shade formulated with 'wet silicone' that gives it a buttery cream-like texture.

As always, Anna Sui has the cutest makeup accessories. Even the sponges are lavender!

The stage where the makeup demonstrations will be held this weekend from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Intensive swatching and photographing efforts underway :-)

Kas doing swatches of the five limited edition nailpolishes.

The set of samples on the left side of the case are part of the gift (including the rectangular zip pouch) with purchase of S$150.

If you spend $200, you get a sure-win lucky dip for either the beauty tray with the bodycare product (in the pic above) or the Hand Mirror Eye Color Palette (left in the pic below). If you are an Isetan member, you will also receive a Mini Rouge (centre in the pic above). You also stand a chance to win the makeup set worth S$250 (right in the pic below).

Each of us were presented with a goodie bag containing products from the fall collection. I'll post about these separately as this post is already too pic-heavy.

Many thanks to the Anna Sui team for organising such a lovely evening for us! Time just flies by all too quickly when I'm with my favourite group of bloggers whom I've gotten to know quite well over the past months :-)


Catherine said...

How fun!! And OMG that Anna Sui vanity table is TO DIE FOR!!!!! I want one just like it. o______o;

reene said...

Wow that looked like a lot of fun! *envious* I want that table too.. with all the Anna Sui stuff on top of it as well haha. Thanks for the pictures! :)

Chantana said...

Wee.... Sara and me was so focusing on Kas.. when she talk about her MAC Dazzleglass. lolx

It was such a fun and relaxing party!!! <3

Kas said...

Chantana: LOL! I didn't mean to plug the Dazzleglass during the dinner! I can't even remember what I said about it now! :P