Thursday, 26 August 2010

Majolica Majorca New Jeweling Eyes Swatches

Here are the swatches of the three new Jeweling Eyes quads from the Majolica Majorca fall collection, Queen of Decoration. From left to right in the pic below are GR791, BR792 and BR793.

The pics below feature the quads swatched in the following order (from top row to bottom): BR793, GR791 and BR793.

The three quads in this collection are much more interesting with better colour payoff than the two quads from the earlier She Was A Doll collection for Spring 2010. As is typical of the Jeweling Eyes line, the eyeshadows feel very soft and silky to touch. These apply sheer at first but can be layered easily for greater intensity.

GR791 and BR793 are my favourites in this collection although all three look very wearable.

Do check them out if you have the chance!


Unknown said...

Hi Iris,

I managed to grab myself the GR palette this week. I think its the best color out of the three.

Really Beautiful!

Also... the holiday palettes are coming out.I am intrigued to see whats more to come ^^

ashura said...

Hi Lisa,

Ohh there will be a holiday collection? I hope it's going to be some smokey colours. Do you have any pics?

ashura said...

Hi Haru,

At first I thought the 3 palettes look somewhat similar to other palettes from Chanel and Visee I already have. However, after looking at the palettes more, I am kind of tempted to get BR792, the most ordinary one out the 3 palettes...think it can create a very natural mild smokey eyes looks. Do you think BR793 looks a little alike to Coffret C-curve eyes 04?

I totally agree with you about the She Was A Doll collection. The shadows applied so sheer that I actually chucked the green palette away in frustration =)

Mi said...

I just bought GR791. When I saw teal with gold combination I had to buy it even though I told myself no more new stuff till I pan out something.

Laura L said...

i got BR792 yesterday, I agree that this time the jewelling line texture is much better than the earliest jewelling line.... BR793, I like that kinda orangey shadow shades... planning to grab another one some time/soon :)
they are just so good and nice!