Thursday, 26 August 2010

Olay Press Event

Mag (of and I were invited earlier this week to attend an Olay press event to preview the new additions to their Regenerist and White Radiance lines.

Held at the elegant Les Amis restaurant, the event was attended by journalists from various local women's magazines such as Her World, Cleo, Shape etc.

The event started with model/designer Colleen Francisca and model/makeup artist Joanna Koh sharing their approach towards skincare and their search for effective skincare products that help to keep their skin youthful looking. I was seated opposite Colleen, who has won several beauty pageants including 2006 Miss Singapore World, and have to say that her skin and makeup was absolutely flawless. Seeing models up close always feels somewhat surreal because their facial features are so perfectly proportioned, no matter what angle you look at them from.

Next, dermatologist Dr Cheong Wai Kwong spoke about the importance of using the right skincare products daily to maintain your skin in tip top condition even if you go for beauty treatments.

The final presentation was by Proctor & Gamble skincare scientist Dr David Khoo who explained the key innovations and ingredients in Olay's new Regenerist and White Radiance line-ups. In order to meet the skincare needs of women who are not keen to undergo cosmetic treatments, Olay's "early step cell care" approach addresses anti-ageing and whitening issues at the start of the series of chain reactions within the cell that affect skin ageing and pigmentation.

There are two new additions to the White Radiance line-up: CelLucent White Essence and CelLucent White Cream.

White Radiance CelLucent White Essence (S$59.90, 40ml) is a daily treatment serum that contains Olay's CelLucent Complex. The innovative ingredient in this is Sepiwhite which helps to prevent the formation of melanin at the early stage in cells and Vitamin B3 which helps to limit melanin transfer to the skin surface. In-vitro tests have shown that Sepiwhite is more effective than other common whitening ingredients such as kojic acid, mulberry, azelaic acid and Vitamin C in reducing melanin content in melanocyte cells.

The essence is dispensed through a dropper, which lets you control the amount easily. This had a very light texture that absorbs easily without any skin tightness or oiliness.

The White Radiance CelLucent White Cream (S$59.90, 50g) is a 'shape-memory gel' with more intensive moisturising properties than the essence. It also contains the CelLucent complex to help reduce skin pigmentation, enhance skin renewal and hydration levels.

This also absorbs easily without any greasiness. It also felt clearly more hydrating than the White Essence.

For ladies who are more concerned about skin firming and preventing wrinkles, Olay has designed a new Regenerist Superstructure Cream SPF30 and Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum. Both contain an aminopeptide complex of anti-ageing ingredients such as PAL-KTTKS, Pro-Vitamin B5, niacinamide, carnosine and anti-oxidants. The aminopeptide PAL-KTTKS acts at the cell surface to trigger the production of collagen, fibronectin and elastin while niacinamide helps to even skin tone, enhance cell renewal and boost collagen production.

The Superstructure Cream (S$59.90, 50ml) helps to prevent sun damage and loss of skin collagen's structural integrity. The cream provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

The cream's texture is denser than CelLucent White Cream and takes a bit more time to absorb.

After a few minutes, the cream had almost completely absorbed. This will probably work best for dry skintypes.

At the end of the event, we received a set of the new products to try out. Look for these to launch in our local stores in October.

Mag & I :-)


Anonymous said...

wao the cellucent serum that i am using now is only $29.90. this one is the same as kiehl's etc. already! i dun think anyone wld pay 60buck for olay

ashura said...

Wah $59.90 (white radiance) is really expensive! Sasa (online) was selling it at only US$23! And I was hoping to get the cream in Watsons instead of online. I better buy it from Sasa again then. Haru, thanks for the post anyway, I have been waiting for the news of this range ever since June (after Nu-er recommended this range)...

Chantana said...

YOu two look so nice~
I haven't been using Olay for many yrs now! I heard it's getting better and better!

Going to wait for your review on these new range!

Anonymous said...

I think these workshops sponsored by companies are uniquely Singaporean because I've never heard of anyone in the US attending one of these things. The free samples seem great.

galpal.hi said...

This looks very interesting. I used to use Olay a long time ago and liked it but then it seemed to stop being effective for me. I will wait to see reviews on these items and may decide to give Olay a try again.


Anonymous said...

how lovely! and you looked very smart in those glasses too. :)

Anonymous said...

wow who is the emcee for the event? Looks like Denise Keller from afar! Anyway I noticed that both u and mag r using.. Blue eyeshadow??
am I missing something out here? Like latest trends etc?

Haru said...

I think Mag had on a smoky black/grey eyeshadow and I was wearing Lunasol's blue quad from their recent summer collection. Not sure who the emcee is but I can check.

Anonymous said...

Your skin looks good in the pic. What skincare & base makeup did u use?


Anonymous said...

Oh great! I've been waiting for the new products to arrive. Please post photographs of the ingredient lists if you do reviews? Thanks!

airmeli said...

OMG!! I saw this product for quite sometime. I really like to try it. Almost order from Taiwan already. From what I know, this item is better than a lot of branded beauty products. The size is also big.

Haru said...

hi Sun,
For skincare, I only use Kenzoki Clearwater Gel to tone my skin after washing. For the base makeup, I used Cover FX Clear Prep Matte Foundation Primer and Dior X4 Control Compact Foundation.