Saturday, 14 August 2010

Jill Stuart Fall 2010 Base Makeup

Here's the ad visual for the Jill Stuart Fall 2010 base makeup collection that will be released on 3 September in Japan. Wonder why they picked such a lifeless looking shot of the model?

Loose Powder N (4725yen)

Pressed Powder N (3675yen for refill, 1575yen for compact). Both the pressed and loose powders will be available in 3 shades: #1 Natural, #2 Lucent and #3 Shimmer.

Powder brush made with 100% goat hair. This can be used to apply either loose powder or pressed powder.


Anonymous said...

That powder brush is really cute. It's sold separately, right? I agree that model looks totally ridiculous.

Haru said...

Yes, the brush is sold separately. It costs NT$1280 in Taiwan, which is about US$40.

Jill Stuart usually has very lovely ad visuals but I really don't like the look of this model!

miRaCLe said...

ahh! they gonna have new loose powder! no wonder they only left one color of their loose powder stocks when i was at SOGO last week! :((
wish i can fly to Taiwan again soon!! wanna get their loose powder so muchh!! :/
thanks for sharing!!

Cindy said...

i think the model was picked because she has a mick jagger's daughter's sort of look, (gap in front teeth) which make this picture memorable.

Sabrina said...

hi, im a little confused here on the powders. what's the difference between JS silk powder foundation compact and JS pressed powder compact? is pressed powder more for touch ups/finishing?

Haru said...

The Silk Powder Foundation has greater coverage as it is a foundation whereas the pressed powder is to be used as a finishing powder on top of foundation or for touch ups.