Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lush American Cream

Lush shampoos and conditioners have not done wonders for my hair but still I keep trying various products in hopes of finding one that works for me. American Cream conditioner is described as a 'double strength' conditioner. Inspired by the frothy, creamy milkshakes popular in the 1950s, it is scented with honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges.

The vanilla scent predominates and I can't really detect any citrus notes. Similar to Veganese and Coolanlin, the conditioner has a milky consistency. But just like Veganese and Coolanlin, I found American Cream to be not moisturising enough for my color-treated hair, even if I use quite a bit of product. As a result, I ended up using this only once or twice a week. The rest of the time, I used an Essentials Damage Care conditioner which worked much better. In general, I've found that Japanese brands of hair conditioner are much more suitable for my hair.

At £3.80 for 100g, American Cream didn't break the bank but it isn't cheap either. I've used this about 5 or 6 times and the 100g bottle is already more than half finished.

Here's the ingredient list.


Anonymous said...

Er Iris, doesn't the bottle label say American "Cream" (not Dream?) Or are my eyes playing tricks?

Haru said...

Oops, haha sorry my mistake! Have corrected it :-)

Ninni said...

How funny! I had the showergel called The olive branch from Lush once and it was also made by the same guy!

Amazing Kitty said...

I have the same made by Kris :)
Love smell of American cream!