Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

Picked up this Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit at Sephora in Ngee Ann City earlier this evening. I was surprised to see it retailing for S$25 as the Summer Of Love set had earlier retailed for S$40, if I recall correctly. On, the Apocalyptic Nail Kit is currently on sale for US$18, down from US$26.

The seven mini nail polishes are 5ml each and feature a diverse range of shades.

From left to right: Meltdown, Big Bang and Fbomb

Apocalypse and Grunge

White Widow and Gun Metal

The Summer of Love (top) and Apocalyptic Nail Kits. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't used the Summer of Love set yet despite having owned it for two months! I even brought it with me to New Delhi in June but was just too lazy to break it out. I'll post pics when I do try out the polishes, hopefully this weekend :-)


HarumiPq said...

Thanks Haru for posting!
This looks lovely as a present! Was racking my brains on what to get for a couple of birthdays =D

Michelle said...

I love this set! I can't wait for fall to start wearing more of the colors!

Kas said...

Hey Iris!
Ok, S$25 for that is really pretty good! Now, if only they had the teal from the Summer of Love kit! hehehe!

shopaholic said...

oh that's a good deal u got there. the mini size makes great sense to try on different colors & intensities without much wastage!

Ivy Low said...

Iris!!thanks!! u just gave me the idea for my sis xmas pressie..haha..a lil early but never too early right?

Anonymous said...

Hallo Haru,
I found this blog yesterday and I'm very impressed by your hauls and your cosmetic/make-up collection.
May I ask you, if it's common for asian women to collect so many products?
I'm a german student and what I've seen so far is that german women are criticized ("You are spoiled, you have too much money, nobody needs more than 5 eyeshadows bla bla") if they are obsessed with cosmetics and stuff. Anyway, I think your collection is awesome! I love it :-)


Haru said...

hi Krisi,
I think the situation varies from country to country. In Singapore, many women do not wear makeup regularly but there are also many women who do. In Japan, most women wear makeup daily. As for the size of my collection, I would say it is probably unusual in Singapore but I don't think anyone should criticise other people for their makeup collections or hobbies as these are very personal matters. There are many people who spend far more on, say, their cars than what I spend on my makeup collection. To each his/her own. We should live and let live.

shopaholic said...

hi krisi

i know what u meant about those remarks made by most germans, as i am surrounded by germans almost daily!

most germans do not like to shop, let alone to spend on beauty products. on the other hand, many asian women like shopping as it is a very therapeutic way of releasing stress (speaking about myself), we also like to buy for people we love and to share tips with like-minded friends.


Charlene J. said...

Hey Iris.

I went down to Sephora today to check out the nail polishes. There was a tag there that said it cost $45? I was at ION. NAC's Sephora didn't seem to have it.

Haru said...

Maybe it's a pricing error? It's best to check with the cashier.