Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Seeing as how it is already well into August, I thought I better start using up some of my Lush Christmas Eve hatbox that my husband got for me from the US last November. The hatbox has been sitting in my closet all this time. I have used up a few of the items like Snowshowers shower jelly, Snow Fairy shower gel and Satsumo Santa but I've been procrastinating on using the bath bombs and bubble bars.

Not having used Lush bubble bars before, at first I was puzzled why the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar did not appear to do anything when I popped it into the bath water. There was no fizzing and only a few air bubbles. Then I held it under the gushing water faucet and voila! Foamy bubbles galore! The bubble bar started to break apart in my hands, starting with the yellow moon. I liked rubbing some of the soft blue crumbs against my skin and watching it foam up. The bar produced a good amount of bubbles, not an overwhelming cloud but they lasted for the half hour that I spent in the tub.

The bubble bar turned the water a cloudy blue. The jasmine and ylang ylang scent was very soothing and lingered on my skin for quite some time after the bath. Some people like to cut up their bubble bars and use them for a few baths but I prefer luxuriating in the full effect of a Lush bubble bar or bath bomb.

Found a video on the making of the Christmas Eve bubble bars!

Anyone else looking forward to Lush's holiday 2010 collection? :-)


Anonymous said...


I will be going Tokyo in November, would like some hotel recommendations from you. Thank you very much

Anonymous said... a beauty junkies reading this post reminds me that most of my hauls also remain untouchables somewhere in my bedroom...
I think I need posts like 'Operation Use It Up' to stimulate me finishing them all :D
Haru, is there any info about Lush's holiday 2010? Will you purchase that?

Haru said...

When I visit Tokyo, I usually stay at Hotel Plaza Sunroute Shinjuku. The rooms are small but this is normal for Tokyo. It's very near the Shinjuku subway station so it's very convenient.

There's no info yet on Lush Holiday 2010 but I'm sure I'll be getting some stuff from it :-) I find it very hard to resist Lush!

MudpieVivi said...

Oh what a delightful video - thanks for sharing! :)

brumeux said...

Iris, do we need to get thru vpost for Lush?
I am thinking to get clarifying shampoo, as the one i am using now is stripping my hair colour off.

Haru said...

Lush UK ships directly to Singapore but the shipping charges are quite expensive. I'm not sure how it compares with VPost, but VPost is definitely another option. To be honest, I haven't found any Lush shampoo that I like so far, as all of them tend to strip my hair too much.

brumeux said...

thanks for the info. Perhaps i should just revisit Neutrogena clarifying shampoo.