Saturday, 28 August 2010

Maquillage Fall 2010 Preview

If you have used the underground walkway between Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City over the past few days, chances are you would have noticed the Maquillage Fall 2010 collection ad visuals featuring ICONIQ.

The collection is having an exclusive launch at Takashimaya this weekend. With purchase of S$100, you get to enjoy a makeover, hairstyling and photoshoot. If you spend S$148, you will also receive a White Lucent deluxe skincare sample set and a pouch.

Earlier, I got a sneak preview of the collection at Shiseido's office and played around with the new Rouge Enamel Glamour and Dual Glow Eyes.

The Rouge Enamel Glamour (S$43) look similar to Maquillage's multi-faceted nail polish bottles. The fatter end holds an ultra-long lasting lip colour while the other holds a high shine lip gloss.

The lip colour comes with a spoon shaped sponge applicator while the lip gloss comes with a plastic applicator.

After applying the lip colour, it is recommended that you wait one minute (without pressing the lips together) to allow the colour to set, before applying the gloss on top. This will help the lip color to last longer even after the gloss has worn off.

The lipglosses are all on the sheer side with just the barest tint of colour.

The two pics below were taken after about 10 minutes. The lip colours look slightly more matte after they have set.

The new TV CM for Rouge Enamel Glamour.

The Dual Glow Eyes (S$40) are available in five variations, of which four are shown below. These are cream eyeshadows that dry to a smooth powder finish with a lovely shimmer. They actually contain mineral water sourced from the Mount Fuji area as well as hyaluronic acid for moisturising benefits to help prevent fine lines.

The black cover slides open to reveal a sponge applicator inside. I've found that applying with fingers is actually much easier and gives a more even application than using the sponge applicator.

To be honest, I wasn't too excited about these at first sight but I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty they looked when swatched!





Here's a simple look that I did with GR273 with the light shade from the crease to the browbone area and the darker shade from the upper lashline to the crease. Both shades were easy to apply and blended seamlessly. The eyehadows lasted well over several hours of wear without fading or creasing (I used Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath). The Dual Glow Eyes will be very convenient for travel as you don't need brushes to apply these.

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AhCapp said...

I likethe shimmers from the cream es duos! Pretty! :))

don't mind I ask what es were you using on thu night when I see you? I like it because it was shimmery or should I say sparkling? I think it was a grey or silver colour? :) were you using this cream es duos? :)

Haru said...

Hey AhCapp,
I was using the Dual Color Eyes in GR273 that night :-)

fukutoshin said...

AT first glance the lippies swatches are kinda blah but the advert on utube got me screaming.....will the effect really be the same as in the ad, u think Haru?

shopaholic said...

hi, thanks for the review! i have always wanted the rouge enamel glamour, wonder if it will be available at our airport?

Haru said...

Hi fukutoshin,
I haven't tried the rouge enamel glamour on the lips yet so I can't say if the effect will be the same as in the ad. I'll post a review after I've tried it in a couple of days.

Hi shopaholic,
I don't know if Maquillage is available in Changi airport duty-free, don't really recall seeing it there in the past.

shopaholic said...

thanks for your reply. i will update if i see them at the airport tomorrow.

i'm gunning for RD387 or RS568 :)

shopaholic said...

actually maquillage is available at our airport; it stocked up christopher kane's collection previously. but i am keen on this new collection ^_^

i will also be checking out if it carries chanel khaki nail vanishes!

Tank said...

Sigh... I'd love to try the lippies but have to boycott because of the ad.. I hate AhYooMi aka ICONIQ aka Ayumi Ito aka Ayumi Lee. Seriously. Great products, shitty model.

A beautiful life,all things pretty said...

Thanks for the swatches! =)
the rouge enamel looked really juicy.
Is it lasting? How long can it stay before you have to reapply again?


Ser said...

Hey babe I am just wondering..when using cream e/ we still use eye primer?

Haru said...

hi Ser,
Yes, you can still use eye primer when using cream eyeshadow. I've found that Urban Decay Primer Potion really helps cream eyeshadows to stay in place without creasing or fading. I've used UDPP under Anna Sui and Maquillage cream eyeshadows.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, can I ask what eyeliner you used? It looks lovely!

Haru said...

I'm using the MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Undercurrent.

Ivy Low said...

Hi Iris, can you rem what's the swatched color of the rouge enamel on the top row, 1st and 2nd color??thanks!!

Haru said...

Sorry, can't remember as I didn't write down the shades.

Ivy Low said...

no worries..thanks!

Anonymous said...


I bought the cream e/s duos in 273 and I like how it looks on my eyes too.. and yes they are pretty long lasting... just to drop you a note here to say thanks for sharing all these lovely cosmetics tips and news :)