Friday, 27 August 2010

Luxasia Sale Haul (mainly RMK)

I wasn't able to make it to the first day of the Luxasia sale but thanks to a good friend, I managed to snag these lovelies. With the exception of the Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot, the rest are all from RMK. According to the feedback on Cozycot, most of the good makeup buys were snapped up very early with ladies even going in with trolleys.

RMK Ingenious Natural Eyes N #6 (S$35)

RMK Ingenious Translucent Eyes 02 Translucent Green (S$20)

RMK Jelly Eye Color 05 Lavender Ice (S$12 for refill, $3 for case)

RMK Jelly Eye Color 03 Spearmint Green (S$12 for refill, $3 for case)

Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt Blue (S$14)

RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner EX03 Shiny Green (S$20)

RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner EX04 Shiny Purple (S$20). Both gel eyeliners had cracked slightly around the edge.

The Gel Eyeliners come with an applicator that has a brush on one end that when retracted, pushed out a sponge tip on the other.


Anonymous said...

Omg... I luv all the green eye colours... very pretty shades... and the purple ones too... I luv your entire haul:)


Tank said...

Hehe, I nabbed the last Stila Smudge pot in Black Cat ^^ Only $12!!

beauty product supplies said...

Wow! Nice eye make-up kit. Those colors are so adorable! Green looks awesome.
Enjoyed this post! Keep up such great job.

Christina said...

Wow you must have came really really really early - I didn't see a single Black Cat smudge pot at all!

Anonymous said...

wow, ur friend went early. The RMK Ingenious Natural Eyes N #6 has a very nice texture, but the last piece was damaged. :(

Tank said...

@Christina: Well, I was lucky, I went at 2pm! Not really early I think.. And the packaging box was torn for the smudge pot, so I think nobody wanted it.. But who cares, a smudge pot is a smudge pot ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi haru, nice haul! did you notice when are the manufacture date & expiry for these sale products? hopefully they don't sell products that are on shelf yrs ago.

Haru said...

For the items that I bought, most of the expiry dates are in 2012, some are 2013.

milktea said...

I like your RMK green eyeshadows!