Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ASOS Clothes Haul

Shopping on has become very tempting in recent months due to the weakness of the pound. ASOS also has a flat shipping rate of £10.50 for shipments to Singapore. During the recent sale, I finally caved and placed an order on 2 August. My order was despatched on the very same day and arrived today.

The items arrived in a black plastic bag. Inside, the three garments were packaged individually.

My favourite item in the package is this Yumi floral empire sundress. I was sold on this dress immediately after seeing it on the model in the video. This is also available in blue.

This was on sale for £28, down from £45. The cotton feels incredibly soft.

This Paul & Joe Sister Javaneze Butterfly Silk Summer Dress was also on sale for £57, down from £117.

Finally, I couldn't resist getting this cheerfully bright Paul & Joe Sister tank top which was on sale for £17. The cotton is awfully thin though. It's no longer listed on but the other two dresses are still available.


JordanMayTwigs said...

I am in love with these pieces!!!
Such lush and delicate fabrics.


miRaCLe said...

ya!! i got tempted and ordered a bunch of stuffs too!! >.< but was quite a let down :((
dresses were too big for me! guess i can only look for their petite collection.. >.< *sigh*

FurryGuy! said...

That's soooooo pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow it seems so tempting but can i order clothes plus cosmetic with the flat shipping?

Haru said...

Yup, I think so.