Saturday, 7 August 2010

Paul & Joe Holiday 2010

Nylon magazine has a sneak peek at the symphony-inspired Paul & Joe makeup set coming out this holiday season. The set includes eye, lip, nail colors and face powder and will retail for US$58.

The packaging of the eyeshadows look cute but seems like there is only enough product for one or two applications.

Love the print on this compact!


Unknown said...

I love these! So Pretty!
Can't believe holiday collection will be released in a few more months, it may seem so far away but it actually isn't.

The rose look so delicate, are you planning to get any of these? They are so beautiful ^.^

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
I'm definitely getting this collection! According to the preview on British Beauty Blogger, there are two makeup sets. I'd probably wait to see them in person to decide whether to get one or both. Paul & Joe is the only brand that I purchase from every season as I love their prints and innovative products!

Unknown said...

I agree, Paul & Joe cosmetics are very unique and are of very great quality.

I can't wait to see the makeup sets from you. Please do share with us with any updates you may have.

I love visiting!

Have a great day =)

Anonymous said...

Ahh...PJ is really good at packaging their stuffs.
I know I won't need these but they are so beautiful!
Any info about how much will they be?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not reading it carefully, you have mentioned the price...fool me...