Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cath Kidston and Tsumori Chisato Mooks

The Cath Kidston "Fly to the UK" 2010 Autumn & Winter mook (S$34.10) was released at Kinokuniya at around 7pm on Wednesday evening.

The mook comes with a matching set of cotton tote bags in the Candy Flower print. Both bags do not have any zips although the larger one comes with a slip pocket on one side.

The larger tote measures 30x41x14cm while the smaller one is 17.5x25x9cm.

The Tsumori Chisato 2010-11 Autumn & Winter mook (S$27.50) was also released at the same time. There were customers waiting at Japanese books counter just before 7pm for both mooks. There appeared to be quite a lot of stock for both mooks.

The bag measures 43.5cm at the top, 30cm at the base, 31.5cm long and 13.5cm wide. The material is polyester.

Personally, I think this is more attractive than the Cath Kidston tote. Both are quite well made and very roomy but the Tsumori Chisato print is easier to carry off.

It has a pink zip across the top and a flap pocket on the inside.


Lora said...

The Tsumori Chisato bag is cute! The bows are a nice dainty touch :)

Janice said...

Hi Haru,

Do you know how the quality of the Cath Kidston mook totes compares with that of the Cath Kidston totes in the stores?


Haru said...

Hi Janice,
I don't owm any Cath Kidston cotton tote bags purchased from the stores, mine are all oilcloth bags. The quality of the totes in the mook is good, not thin and flimsy like some magazine freebies. The cotton is quite soft.

galpal.hi said...

I really like the Tsumori Chisato bag. It's really cute.

Thanks for sharing!


Ling said...

The tsumori bag will suit your shu umera tsumori cat collection :) so cute as a pair hehe

did you buy Biteki & Maquia october issue too? irrc, they are giving out a skincare sample

Haru said...

Hi Ling,
Yup, I bought both Biteki and Maquia. Biteki comes with a Sonia Rykiel powder foundation sample, primer and a heart shaped mirror. Maquia comes with an Ipsa Metabolizer sample and cotton pads.

saltvinegar said...

The Cath Kidston tote looks quite thin and flimsy from the pictures. How does it compare to previous Cath KIdston mook GWPs?

Millicent said...

You know like the handle of the Tsumori Chisato bag right is it like a tote bag when you put it on your shoulders or like the bag opening will be under your arms?

Haru said...

hi Millicent,
When I carry the tote bag on my shoulder, the bag opening is about 3cm below my armpit.

Hi Saltvinegar,
The quality is good compared to previous Cath Kidston mooks. There was a Cath Kidston mook bag from a few seasons ago that was of a thinner material than this new one, which is soft but not flimsy.

Kimberly Xie-aka-Kinna said...

Great capture of the color of the Cath Kidston mook bags...they looked white in the promo pics, but are actually a pale green? Nice prints but a bit too "much" for me, I would have preferred something "lighter", like the Laura Ashley furoku that came with the recent In Red instead.

Did you get that too?