Sunday, 29 August 2010

Paul & Joe Party at Isetan Scotts

Yesterday, I attended the Paul & Joe party at Isetan Scotts for the new fall collection, Clair de Lune.

This was the collection that I had been looking most forward to for this season due to the lovely limited edition Face & Eye Colors CS, and of course the gorgeous prints that are Paul & Joe's signature.

The collection has been selling very well at the Isetan Scotts counter since its launch on Friday. The collection is currently available exclusively at the two Isetan counters and will be launched at other counters from 31 August. The Face & Eye Colors CS are S$49 each while the kitty head lipsticks are S$39 each.

Larry Yeo was the makeup artist doing the demonstration. I had a fun time chatting with him before the show as we have a friend in common, Mag, who unfortunately was not able to attend. In his introduction, he said, "Don't call me a celebrity makeup artist. I don't do celebrities!" Larry was Elle magazine's Makeup Artist of the Year in 2009.

He demonstrated how to create a day look and a night look. For the day look, first he used Eye Color Primer to prep the lids. His tip was to dab the primer onto the back of the hand first, and then apply it to the lids, instead of dabbing it straight onto the lids out of the tube as that tends to deposit too much product. He also advised against using a white eyeshadow as the base all over the lid as it will affect the colour of the eyeshadows layered on top. A flesh-toned primer will look much more natural.

Next, he used an eyeshadow brush to apply the pink shade from 069 Blue Moon over the eye socket area. He prefers using fluffy brushes which help to apply the eyeshadows evenly. After picking up the eyeshadow with his brush, he taps off the excess on the back of his hand first before applying it to the lid. This helps to ensure that there isn't excess powder bits flying all over the place. Next, he brushed the purple shade over the browbone area to highlight.

He finished off the day look lining the eyes with an eye pencil and using his finger to apply a bit of the gold eyeshadow at the inner corners. He advised against using shimmery white eyeshadow to illuminate the inner corners because it can look like you have gunk there instead!

For the lips, he used a peach Lip Pencil Duo to first define the lip shape before shading it in, and then topped it off with a quick coat of golden lipgloss. His tip for applying lipgloss: using a lip brush, start at the centre of the lips and then smooth it outwards.

Next, without cleaning off the day look (aside from blotting the lipgloss off with tissue), he showed how to transform it into an elegant smoky look for the night.

First, he used an Eye Pencil WP from the upper lashline to the crease. The eye pencil is waterproof so one has to be quick in blending it out before it sets.

Next, he used a dense brush to blend it out before applying the dark shade from 067 Silvery Moon on top and blending it further for a lovely smoky effect. He also applied the green shade just above the outer crease and intensified the eyeliner. He stressed that when applying eyeliner, it should be applied very close to the roots of the eyelashes without leaving any visible gap of skin. For ladies with dark under eye circles, Larry advised against using blue eyeliner as that will actually emphasise the dark circles. He also preferred brown eyeliner over black.

For the lips, he applied one of the lipsticks from the new collection, also using a lip brush.

To add a glowy finish, he took a small powder brush, swept it across the middle three shades of 069 Blue Moon and dusted it at the temples and upper cheek area. Both the day and night looks were very pretty, and Larry made it all look so easy!

There were also two sets at promotional prices.

If you spend S$120, you will receive the pouch. If you top up to S$150, you will also receive the mirror and the deluxe samples. However, the mirror went out of stock very fast at the Isetan Scotts counter yesterday. The same pouch and mirror is also available at the counter in Wisma Atria so you can try your luck there if you want it.

The Alice in Wonderland set was also on display. These had earlier sold out very quickly in Singapore. The new stocks are the leftover stocks from Malaysia.

Refreshments for the attendees

Here are some quick swatches of the three Face & Eye Colors CS. From top row to bottom: 067 Silvery Moon, 068 Paper Moon and 069 Blue Moon. The silver and gold shades at the upper right corners are very shimmery and sparkly, while the rest of the shades are more velvety with a soft metallic sheen. These swatches were done without any primer underneath and surprisingly, virtually all showed up well with just one or two swipes.


Furry Guy! said...

The food looks yummy!!!

yy said...

Hi Iris, am looking to get an eye primer but could not decide between P&J eye primer and the Anna Sui eye brightener. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Haru said...

Sorry I haven't tried the P&J primer or the Anna Sui eye brightener so I can't compare the two. Also I'm not sure if the Anna Sui brightener can be used as a primer as it's probably more for illuminating the under eye area.

yy said...

Appreciate your feedback. Will continue to scout around. Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi yy,

I tried the AS eye brightener. It's pretty good. Eyeshadow really show up better after using it. Not sure about its lasting power though, cos usually eyeshadows stay all day for me, even without primer.

Jessy said...

Hi Iris, thanks for the detailed post about the demo! Did u manage to get anything at the launch?

Haru said...

hi Jessy,
Yes, I picked up all the three eyeshadows and three lipsticks, but haven't had the time to play with them yet. Probably will post some looks next week :-)