Friday, 20 August 2010

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom #1 and #4

A friend helped me to snag two of the new Jill Stuart Blush Blossoms and Paul & Joe Sister handkerchieves that I saw in Steady magazine earlier.

The Blush Blossom packaging is typical Jill Stuart princessy gorgeousness with their usual crystal, arabesque and ribbon motifs.

The compact has intricate details all over, giving it a very luxurious feel.

The packaging is thoughtfully designed with unique touches like the elastic net over the loose blush powders and the padded underside of the white layer which can be used to tap off excess powder. Each pot contains 5g, same as the original Blush Powders (which have been sadly discontinued). The Mix Blush Compacts contain 8g of product.

Below is #1 Romantic Sweet Pea. You can see swatches of it on Yuki's Lazy Channel.

#4 Seductive Rose

Each Blush Blossom comes with the signature Jill Stuart white goat hair brush studded with a pink crystal. Unlike the Mix Blush Compacts, there is no chain to attach the brush to the compact but there is an additional chain with a ribbon charm. The dense brush deposits colour very well so it's better to use a really light hand when applying with this brush.

I'll review the blushes in greater detail after I've tried them out.


Kathi said...

Gorgeous, I love especially the cooler pink duo! is there a risk of the 2 loose powders mixing? I might pick up one of these as they look really nice!

Ling said...

Lovely haul :) Does the Blush blossom #1 sweet pea looks like the older JS #01 Baby Blush ? or the former is more pigmented. both looks really good maybe i thought the finishing look is almost the same except the new compact packaging and the new range being more intense pigments?
thanks in advance yay!

Haru said...

hi Ling,
I don't own the #1 Baby Blush so I can't say how it compares with #1 Romantic Sweet Pea. If I recall correctly, #1 Baby Blush was very pale pink whereas #1 Romantic Sweet Pea has a medium rose shade.

Hey Kathi,
The white tray presses down against the top of the blush powders, so that's what keeps the two powders from mixing.