Thursday, 4 November 2010

Changi Airport T2 Beauty Deals

Some beauty sightings at Chang Airport Terminal 2 dutyfree:

Dior Minaudiere S$84.50 (vs S$100 in town; only 002 on display); Cinq Couleurs Gold Edition 5 Golds S$73, other quints are S$72 (vs S$94 and S$90 respectively in town)

Shiseido BioPerformance Serum S$124 (vs S$133 in town)

Guerlain Meteorites Perles D'or S$68; Poudre D'or S$188; Lingerie de Peau liquid foundation S$71.50; Ecrin Couleurs S$100; eyeshadow quads S$73.50.

YSL Rouge Pur lipsticks S$35

Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy collection: brush set S$106; lip duo S$51 (3 variations); paint crayons $27.30; cleansing oil S$52; lashes S$35. Palettes seem to have sold out.

MAC A Tartan Tale Pearlglide eyeliners S$24

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss trio of 55 Confidence, 57 Insolence and 58 Emoi with black pouch S$107

Hope that helps anyone deliberating between purchasing in town or at the airport! I won't be able to answer questions on the prices/availability of other products.


cewek said...

The YSL Rouge Pur lippies are a good deal! I paid AUD50 each for mine. The same for the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss trio, I paid around AUD48 for mine. I wonder if they're full sized though?

kuri said...

wow, thanks so much for the timely information!
I was planning to get the Minaudiere so this is perfect. Such a price difference with the SGD/JPY exchange rate right now.

Hing said...

Thx for the info Haru! ;)

Hav u bought the December issues of Voce and Maquia?
I juz wanna know how much info about the coming Christmas collections are covered in these 2 magazines compared to the November issue of Bea's up :)

Joopah said...

Thanks for posting. I LOVE shopping at Changi. Some of my best buys (bags, jewelry, makeup, shoes) came from there.

Haru said...

hi cewek,
Yes, the Extrait de Gloss trio are all full size.

hi kuri,
The Minaudiere seems to be quite well received! The Japanese yen is so high right now that many Japanese brands are cheaper to buy in Singapore than in Japan right now.

Hi Hing,
I did not buy the December issues of Voce and Maquia. Decided to save the money to buy makeup instead, especially since I've been buying many other magazines.

hi Zulfa,
You're welcome! Changi is still my favourite airport too as it's just so comfortable and spacious unlike other airports around the world.

Craney said...

the Dior Minaudiere is quite worth it at $84.50.. i got mine at $100 though during the launch and coz its limited edition and i only manage to get the other palette which is the 002 one, in the end i bought 3 in total.. and realise i prefer the 001 one better.. now in the end i have to resell it at a cheaper price for the extra sets...

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Hi Haru!
Thanks for your infor! If we not able to get from the airport, do you think buying from Metro's 20% off sale will be comparable? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can I check if the YSL lippies are sold after the check-in area, or in public area? :)

Haru said...

hi Lynn,

Buying during Metro's 20% sale is definitely comparable to buying at the airport but Metro may not have some of the products that are available at the airport (e.g. YSL).

The YSL makeup is sold only in the dutyfree area after the check-in area. But you can also find YSL at the DFS Galleria in Scotts Road (but the prices there include GST).

Anonymous said...


I thought DFS shop on Scotts Rd is meant for tourists. Can the locals buy stuff there?

laeticia521 said...

2 months ago duty free price for Chanel Extrait de gloss was $27.20, for those who already have the lipglosses in the trio set

i'm def checking out the YSL rouge pur lippies, think these are the pigmented ones.

Hershey said...

Hi, something out of topic. Any idea if Shu Umera is cheaper in Singapore or Japan please?

Haru said...

hi laeticia,
the YSL Rouge Pur lipsticks have a creamy finish with a bit of shine. They feel quite moisturising when swatched, and glide on very smoothly.

Anyone can shop at the DFS Galleria in Scotts Road. Tourists can get GST refunds.

Haru said...

hi Hershey,
Shu Uemura is cheaper in Japan than Singapore. For example, the Abracadabra Fantasy brush set retails for 6825yen (about S$108) in Japan, versus S$125 in Singapore. You can get Shu Uemura even cheaper at the dutyfree in Japan's airports, like Narita Airport, where you can save about 25% off the usual retail price in Japan.

Anonymous said...

i always prefer shopping at changi's DFS vs stores in town; i'm not as cued in on makeup, but skincare items can be up to 30% cheaper than regular counter prices; newly launched items carry a smaller discount, but the DFS price tends to drop with time. -stella

Makeup fan said...

Do we have to take the airplane to be able to purchase these?

Haru said...

All the products mentioned in this post are in the dutyfree area, which is after immigration and not open to the public.

Makeup fan said...

Thanks for the reply! :)

I was also wondering where I can find Shu Uemera products in Narita airport? I'll be stopping there for only 1 hour so I've to find the shop fast!

Haru said...

Shu Uemura is at the dutyfree area in Terminal 1 South Wing of Narita Airport. It's in one of the perfumes & cosmetics shops on the right hand side after immigration.

Blovet Beauty said...

Wow thks for informing us on these great deals