Monday, 23 July 2007

Armani, Esprique Precious, Cosme Decorte, Shiseido Fall Collections

More fall collection pics from Voce & Maquia. Cosme Decorte will also be launching a new sub-brand, Magie Deco. Giorgio Armani's fall collection doesn't look that impressive but the Red Collection of limited edition Armani Silk lipsticks created too many lemmings to name. After all, it's every makeup addict's dream to find the perfect red lipstick! Unfortunately, they are priced at a ridiculous 3990yen each, which I just refuse to pay for a mere lipstick. Shiseido The Makeup's fall collection is also a bland wash of neutrals. In addition to the usual Eyeshadow Quad Shimmers and Lip Glosses, there are also two Accentuating Cream Eyeliners in black and brown and some Lip Crayons. Esprique Precious will be launching some new palettes, eyeshadow singles, lipsticks and lipglosses. I saw the collection in person but nothing really stood out.

The September issues of Voce and Maquia are worth buying for the detachable catalogs of the autumn collections. Voce's catalog is the best of the lot with accurate color swatches. Biteki also has a detachable catalog but it's much smaller than those by Voce and Maquia.

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