Friday, 6 July 2007

Kate, Lavshuca and Tiffa fall collections

Pics from the Kanebo press launch for the fall collections for Kate, Lavshuca and Tiffa! The Kate collection will feature a new eyeshadow palette series, Gradical Eyes S in 8 shades, a new shade of their popular powder gel eyeliner (which logged sales of 800,000 units in just 3 months), 2 new Dual Carat Eyes, one new Deep Eyes and two new Rouge Trance N lipstick.

The theme for Lavshuca's fall collection is "Classical Grace". The new liquid lipstick, Colour Conc Rouge, combines the colour intensity and longlasting nature of traditional stick lipsticks with the glossy shine and moisturising properties of lipgloss in a smooth velvety texture similar to that of fresh chocolate. It also comes in a very user-friendly click-pen type of packaging. The new series of eyeshadow palettes, Grande Color Select, is available in 6 shades and features chic, sheer soft shades.

Tiffa's fall collection is due out on 1 September and it will feature 4 new shimmery Beauty Color Liners in a pen packaging as well as Beauty Rouge Gloss N in 4 shades. There will also be a new rose-scented Body Powder (50g) that includes hyaluronic acid and collagen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Do you know the release dates for Kate and Lavshuca?

Haru said...

Both are due out on 1 August but probably will be in stores a week before that along with the new MM collection :-)

Anonymous said...

Great update Haru!

Can't wait to see these when they pop up!!!!!!!!!