Saturday, 21 July 2007

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow collection

Pics of my Majolica Majorca single eyeshadows in two Shu Uemura cases. Unfortunately, this Shu case has been discontinued. It is the perfect case to fit 16 MM e/s and even has a mirror under the lid. Several of the shades are discontinued or from the limited edition Lady Cat Persia/Siam palettes.

Before the Majolook palettes were introduced, Majolica Majorca carried at its peak 32 single eyeshadows but they started cutting back on the range in 2006 and now the standard seems to be to offer a range of 20 shades. So with the introduction of 4 new shades in the Beauty in Black collection, another 4 shades have been discontinued, including BR710 which is a gorgeous silvery brown. I got into a minor panic this evening when I came home from the store clutching a big bag of the new collection and then realised that I didn't have BR710 yet. The problem with Japanese drugstores is that once an item is discontinued, it is usually removed from the shelves and becomes impossible to find. (For example, the original Lash Expander has been taken off the shelves as it has been replaced with Lash Expander Neo.) So I rushed out again to this Don Quixote store near my place, which is usually slower in getting the new collections. Fortunately, it had yet to update its MM display with the new collection so I was able to get BR710 for my collection :-)

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Anonymous said...

The Shu case can still be found in many Shu Uemura stores here in Hong Kong. It's sold at HKD115. Many friends around me bought this case to put their MJ eyeshadows. It really suits perfectly! ^^