Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Lunasol article

Check out this interesting article from The Star on the launch of Lunasol in Malaysia! It mentions the launch of the Lunasol fall collection, which is not due out in Japan until 17 Aug...argh, hate the wait!

Fans of Lunasol may be surprised to know that Lunasol actually did quite dismally for the first few years after its initial launch. I read about this in one of the Japanese beauty magazines when they featured the history of the brand. At that time, there was no distinctive brand identity or philosophy and even the SAs were quite confused about what the brand stood for. A few years ago, Lunasol underwent an image overhaul and came up with its new brand concept of "Refined Beauty". Since then, it has gone from strength to strength. For example, the Skin Modelling palette series introduced in Spring 2007 is the best-selling series so far and I'm sure Geminate Eyes coming out for fall will do just as well. The limited edition summer palettes, Skin Modelling EX01 and EX02, currently are selling for above their original retail prices on Yahoo Japan auctions.


Anonymous said...

anywhere to see the range of tiffa's new lipgloss?

Haru said...

Tiffa's products are listed on the Kanebo website here but I don't see any new lipglosses listed yet.