Saturday, 21 July 2007

Majolica Majorca Beauty in Black

The Majolica Majorca Beauty in Black fall collection finally arrived in my neighbourhood drugstore today! First off, swatches of the four new single eyeshadows (left column), nine new Rouge Majex lipglosses (middle columns) and ten Jewelling Pencil eyeliners (right column) can be seen in the photos below. The eyeshadows are the usual excellent MM texture, soft, smooth with good pigment and a lovely shimmer. PK421 is a bright fuschia that is similar to the pink shade that was in the Lady Cat - Siam Like palette that came out in Dec 2005. BK922 is a dark greyed black and WT920 is the usual pure metallic white. It looks almost identical to WT963. BR223 is a gold tinged brown that should suit most skin tones.

As for the Rouge Majex lipglosses (924yen), there is a good mix of non-shimmery shades and shades with intense or mild shimmer. RD419 is a clear bright cherry red without shimmer. PK404 is a clear baby pink without shimmer but this shade is not very pigmented so it'll probably just add the barest tinge of pink to your lips. PK338, OR317 and PK313 are the most pigmented of the lot and also have intense shimmer. BE706 is a gorgeous rosey nude shade with some shimmer. PK102 has no pigment and just a bit of shimmer while #21 is intense shimmer in a clear base. These come with a slanted doe-foot sponge applicator. 70% of the lipgloss is made up of moisturising ingredients. But I was quite surprised to see that these only have 4.5g of product compared to 6.5 for the Honey Pump Gloss which costs only 504yen.

The Jewelling Pencils have a soft texture that is quite easy to use and blend. All the shades have micro-glitter except for BK999, which is an intense jet black. RD505 is a lovely smokey burgundy that would be perfect with an eyeshadow like MAC Trax.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Can't wait to try these!

LOVELY haul!!!!!


Rabbit said...

This new things look gorgeous!!!
Thanks for the swatches!=D

Unknown said...

nice stuffs you've gotten for yourself!! the lippies sure look very yummylicious!! Thanks!! :)

Kathi said...

I love especially the beige lipglosses =) They look like exactly my colors!

Anonymous said...

GREAT swatches!! Hee, I think you will have to swatch on your arm next time!

Anonymous said...

hi, what the diff bwt pk338 and pk313

Haru said...

PK338 is more red-toned than PK313. You can view pics on the MM website.