Sunday, 29 July 2007

Gransenbon & Canmake new collections

Gransenbon's new blushes, #10 Vanilla and #11 Sugar Marmalade have just arrived in stores. #10 Vanilla is a shimmery white face highlighter and it's limited edition so only a few stores are carrying it. It's almost identical to Gran Decollete Luxury #3 Platiunum Tiara and has a great silky texture with very fine pearl shimmer. #11 Sugar Marmalade is a shimmery light pinky peach that is more pigmented and shimmery than #3 Peach Fizz. It's a shade lighter than #8 Pretty Orange but not as pink toned as #1, #2 or #7. #3 Peach Fizz has also been discontinued and replaced by #11 Sugar Marmalade in the Gransenbon displays. There are also three new eyeshadow duos.

I did some swatches but the photos didn't come out too well but for what it's worth, here they are.

These photos are probably more helpful to show the differences between the various shades.

Canmake also has just released a small limited edition collection that includes two new Super Glitter Liners in #4 Pink Soda and #5 Crystal White and two Glitter Eyes trios in #5 Love Pink (white/baby pink/vibrant pink) and #6 Marine (navy/lavender/white). The scan on the right of the small leaflet was posted on 2Channel.


Anonymous said...

The new Gransenbon #11 blush looks very frosty! Gransenbon makes the prettiest pigmented blushes!

The LE Canmake palettes are so pretty!!!

Unknown said...

Very pretty!! It makes me wanna have all of em! Esp #11 sugar marmalade.. I sure hope they don't discontinue any!

Anonymous said...

If i know Gran's #11 is launched tis week, i would have added this item into my cp list...moonflower

Rabbit said...

AAaaah! Need the new canmake things!!!

Anonymous said...

These little gems look like confectionery items. Gracious, I don't know why I keep likening them to cake. :P You need backups! ;)

the Muse said...

Squeal! Love the new canmake goodies ;)

Good pick Haru!