Thursday, 12 July 2007

Kesalan Patharan French Couture Collection

Kesalan Patharan's French Couture collection for fall will be released on 24 August in Japan. The eyeshadow palettes look interesting. I prefer these greatly over the previous round trios. The eyeshadows are made with "gloss coating recipe" that gives them a super silky satin finish with intense shimmer. I've swatched these at the counter before and they do indeed feel like satin. Unfortunately, my wallet is already drained by too many other brands! All items are limited edition.

1. Eye Color Palette S004 & S005 (3990yen)
2. French Nail Color S001 & S002 (1890yen)
3. Pure Pearl Varie (shimmer powder) S2 Frosty Purple & S3 Frosty Pink (2100yen)
4. Lip Gelee S14 Rouge Ruby & S15 Rouge Topaz (2415yen)

Starting tomorrow, KP is also giving away a brush set with purchases of 8400yen. It includes a cheek brush (pony hair), eyeshadow brush (pony), lip brush (pony) and sponge applicator.

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Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I have not tried any of these new trios, thanks for your review! KP used to make great trios but they seem to have fallen wayward in the last couple of years ...