Monday, 23 July 2007

My Fall Shopping List

I've been poring over the Voce fall catalog and here's the shopping list I've come up with :-)

1. Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes #6 & #7
2. Jill Stuart Eye Jelly #21 Ruby Romantic
3. Awake Reflectance Eyes E5 Mauve Mirage & E6 Lilac Shadow
4. Lunasol Geminate Eyes #1, #2, #4 & #5
5. Integrate Glamorous Rouge RS533
6. Kate Deep Eyes N PU2
7. Visee Jewel Crush Eyes - want all of them!
8. Majolica Majorca Shadow Customise - 4 new shades
9. Lavshuca Eye Color Select PU2
10. Lavshuca Grade Color Select PU1
11. Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge BR1

Other items that are also worth checking out:
1. Maquillage Eye Color RD783 (smokey rose pink) and BL783 (smokey midnight blue)
2. Lunasol Geminate Liners
3. Anna Sui Liquid Eye Color (the color range looks very interesting!)
4. Kesalan Patharan Eye Color Palette (love the floral design & romantic shades)
5. Eprise Creamy Eye Color (excellent texture and lovely colors)
6. Kate Powder Gel Liner PU2 (gorgeous deep eggplant purple)
7. Visee Jewel Crush Liners


Anonymous said...

I purchased the Visee Eye palettes when you had showed me the cream shadows!

These were a great recommendation from you but I hate cream so I was excited by the powder palettes!

So glad I got these they are fabulous!!!!!!!! The shimmer/sparkle is straight through!

Your fall list looks great!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see pics!

Love ya!

Kathi said...

I thought you wanted those new KISS palettes, too =P *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hope you are able to get all from your shopping list before you leave Japan!

Anonymous said...

howz the texture of gran shine l/s testimo? as good as clear memory rouge? or worse or better?
clear was so light!

Haru said...

I haven't tried any Testimo lipsticks so I'm afraid I can't say.

Anonymous said...

i love your reviews! they are oh-so accurate. i can't tell you how much i love those visee palettes & the canmake gradation! i can't bear to use them!!!

love love love
strawberry :)