Thursday, 12 July 2007

Kiss Fall Collection

Goodness, my heart jumped when I saw these pics of Kiss' fall collection including new eyeshadow palettes! And they look like a vast improvement over the current Eye Nuance Palettes which are decent quality (I absolutely adore my limited edition L04 Little Witch palette) but the cheap plastic packaging leaves very much to be desired. But the new Eye Prism Gradation palettes also cost more at 1680yen compared to 1470yen for the Eye Nuance Palettes. The Eye Nuance Palettes will likely be discontinued with this new collection so if anyone wants to stock up, better do it soon. The Eye Prism Gradation will feature shimmery shades and they contain hyaluronic acid and camomile extracts for moisturising benefits.

Release date is 25 August but I'll be stalking Ainz Tulpe and It's Demo hoping that these will be out before I leave Tokyo! The whole collection is permanent. Don't you just love the rush that a great new makeup collection gives you?

1. Eye Prism Gradation #1 Sweet Rose, #2 Espresso, #3 Lady, #4 Clover Leaf, #5 Aquarium & #6 Lilac ;1680yen

2. Rouge Melty Syrup #8 Cherry Compote: cherry pink with large gold pearl shimmer; 1470yen

3. Nail Enamel R #45 Cherry Cream (girly pink with sweet blue crystal flake), #46 Ginger Cookie (beige with hologram & silver shimmer), #47 Baby Cat (soft pink with rainbow glitter); 630yen.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you know where I can get Japanese magazines like ViVi, Ray and VoCE in Chinese? I live in the US and have major problem getting these in Chinese, but I can get Japanese ones easily. Do they sell it online or is there a subscrption?


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so cute! Very exciting!

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't know!