Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Shu Uemura & Kesalan Patharan Fall

The Shu Uemura "Komon" fall collection is now up on the official website. I love the elegant promo image but I find it strange that for such a quintessentially Japanese makeup brand, Shu never uses Japanese or Asian models in its ad campaigns, only Caucasians. At least from what I can remember of its ads over the past few years. If I'm wrong, do enlighten me.

Another website that has worth checking out for its new fall collection is Kesalan Patharan. I played with the collection at the KP counter last week and fell in love with the two new eyeshadow palettes. These are gorgeous, especially the purple palette, with excellent colour payoff. The floral imprint rubs off almost immediately though. The Pure Pearl Varie in S2 Frosty Purple and S3 Frosty Pink are super sparkly, finely-milled rich shimmer powders that are just too pretty for words. This is one KP collection that you do not want to miss! And I'm not even a KP fan...


the Muse said...

You're totally right Haru! Shu has never used an Asian model in any ads! I find a certain elegance about Asian models and I'd love to see a Shu campaign that features one!

I find that the girls in the ads always look 12 or 13 years old! Is it me??? They all look super young! I do enjoy the ads but occasionally I see it as girls playing dress up with mummy's makeup!

The Komon line up is doing nothing for me. Not a single lemming here. The navy blue shadow just appears too much and I can't do a thing with that if I tried! I'm saying it'll make me look like I have a bruised eye if I even attempt application with it! I guess the greens are worth a look at...the rest..not so sure!

Are you getting anything from this collection?

The entire Kesalan Patharan lineup looks divine! And you've totally created an instant lemming for me now that I hear it's nice and pigmented!

I love the shadows trios KP puts out and these palettes are just adorable!

Problem: I won't want to use them otherwise the pretty floral design will rub off!

oh boy!

Haru said...

Nah, I'm totally not a Shu fan. The only thing I like to buy sometimes is the limited edition empty compacts like the Shu by Ai and the Boutique Birthday one earlier this year. But I haven't filled them up! I just like the design. I'm not getting KP too as it comes out only after I leave Japan. It should be available in Singapore though but I already have too much makeup to lug over to NY.

Anonymous said...

Shu - Perhaps the use of Caucasian models has its roots in Shu Uemura's m/u first ventures in the US? Or maybe he has a penchant for them? Heh.

I agree with MUH - some of models look borderline illegal. :P

KP - The nail polishes caught my eye immediately. There was a time when their nail lacquers were complex and oh so pretty! I still have a couple. I especially like the flashing green and plum ones from the Nail Color N collection and the French Nail Color ones.

The e/s quad doesn't look inspiring at all but I shall have to make a trip to Bugis when it launches here, simply based on your positive feedback. ;)

Kathi said...

I will definitely get that KP trio in purple! I am lemming it ever since you posted the first pic (I think I shouldn't read your blog =P) and I love KP's e/s trios (the previous fall one in black/grayed mauve/flesh is one of my fave e/s trios =)

Rabbit said...

I would prefer to see asian models on shu's ads, I'm tired of seeing caucasians everywhere =P(lol!)

Kathi said...

No lemming for the Shu stuff! Last year's fall collection was GREAT (I love ME Veridian and ME Olive and the Color Crayons are fantastic when used wet) but this year's is just a dissappointment! (well, money saved..and spent on other stuff LOL)

the Muse said...

fleck we can always spend the money on the KP stuff since the Shu stuff looks rubbish!


Anonymous said...

KP palettes lemming =)for me.