Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Esprique Precious, Aube, Maquillage CMs

Click here to watch Gemma Ward's latest commercial for Esprique Precious, featuring the new Liquid Eye Color Stylish.


I still prefer Rika's makeup in the commercials for Aube. Click here for Rouge Aqua Dress commercial and the Loose & Line Eyes commercial.

This is another fabulous commercial featuring model Misaki Ito wearing Maquillage's Shiny Double Eyes. I think this is simply the most gorgeous CM that Ito has done for MQ to date!


Tammy said...

While I think Masaki Ito makes a good spokesmodel for Maquillage, as she's a little older and it's a more "mature" brand, I just never warmed up to her. It's kind of silly, but it sort of puts me off Maquillage, b/c she comes off as so cold and stiff (and is, unfortunately, a very bad actress). However, they are using different models for their Fall line, and I'm a lot more receptive. Interesting how we respond to the people who the cosmetics companies decide to promote their products.

I think Rika looks really cute in the Aube commercials though :)

Anonymous said...

double shiny vs loose n line blue.
which one better to get?

yes..unfortunately or fortunately for the cosmetic companies, the spokesmodels DO actually influenece our chioices and liking haha!

Haru said...

I think Double Shiny is a slightly better product that Loose & Line. The Loose & Line has a strange rubber applicator for the "line" side that is quite tricky to use while the loose powder is not that pigmented. Pied Nus' Sparkling Eyes or Visee Aqua Shining Eyes are even better than these two.