Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Aube TV Commercials

Check out the new tv commercials for the Aube Rouge Aqua Dress lipstick and Loose & Line Eyes on the official website! The model, Rika's makeup looks stunningly gorgeous. Too bad the Loose & Line Eyes are much less impressive in real life.

I also purchased the new Jewellery Shower Eyes #36 Pink last weekend and am sad to report that it was a disappointment. First of all, the cream base shade was a lot less shimmery than the cream base in #31 Purple. The pretty shimmer of the cream base shade was the reason why I fell in love with the Jewellery Shower Eyes series in the first place. Second, the pink shades turned out to be too pale for my liking. #34, the other pink palette in the series, was much more flattering on me. What a shame as I'd been looking forward to trying out #36 which looked so promising in the pan. So anyone contemplating getting it, my advice is that you can skip this and go for #34 instead.

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