Thursday, 26 July 2007

Lunasol Geminate Eyes swatches

I did swatches of the upcoming Geminate Eyes (5250yen) and Geminate Liners (2940yen) at the Lunasol counter this evening. From left to right in the pics: #5 Ruby, #4 Sapphire, #3 Diamond, #1 Cat's Eye and #2 Alexandrite. I used Lunasol's Eyelid Base N as the primer. My favourites are #5 Ruby and #4 Sapphire. The vibrant dark blue shade in #4 Sapphire and the burgundy shade in #4 Ruby are especially gorgeous. #4 Sapphire is a bit similar to the Skin Modelling Eyes EX02 Blue quad that came out for summer but the dark navy shade in EX02 is much darker than the darkest blue shade in #4 Sapphire. #3 is a palette of icy pastel shades. #2 Alexandrite is a mix of red-toned brown, olive and light pink. I'm still on the fence about #1 Cat's Eye as such shades tend to make me look tired. The eyeliner shades are all quite pretty and match their corresponding palettes very well. The colors are all very rich, intensely pigmented and shimmery. When applied over the Lunasol Eyelid Base N, one light swipe was enough to get them to show up beautifully.


Kathi said...

You wrote Lavshuca, not Lunasol ;D
Thanks for the swatches! Now I am totally lemming #2 and #4. #5 looks fab, too, but I bet I can't pull those colors off =(

Haru said...

Haha, thanks for pointing that out! Actually #5 is not that hard to wear, it's more cool tone than warm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gorgeous swatches and the detailed review. The liners are extremely complementary and everything looks really coordinated. Sapphire caught my eye first, with its vibrance and depth of colour but I took a closer look at Diamond and the shades look awesome too! I also noticed that they have multicoloured shimmer! *swoons*

the Muse said...

OH MY GOSH! Can't wait! These look amazing!

Fleck you can put anything off I'm positive!

Thanks for the swatches!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! These are GORGEOUS! I really like #4 and #5, those are some vibrant shades!

Unknown said...

#1 and #2 are gorgeous!
Thanks for the swatches.