Saturday, 14 July 2007

Visee Jewel Crush Eyes

Visee Jewel Crush Eyes was just recently released in Japan. The good news is that it is a tremendous improvement over Visee's previous eyeshadow palettes. Not only is the color selection much improved with more flattering shade combinations but the texture is also the best that Visee has come up with to date. Like the name suggests, these are very shimmery and finely milled but without irritating big glitter bits. The texture is smooth, easy to apply and blend and the colors all show up quite well. E3 also looks like a knock-off of Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes #2 Crystal Jade. (Both Visee and Jill Stuart are made in Japan by Kose.) If you liked Kate's Glam Trick Eyes, I think you'll like the Jewel Crush Eyes too. It seems like intensely shimmery eyeshadow palettes are all the rage among Japanese makeup companies this year!

There is a small diagram on the back of the box that recommends the following steps to apply the eyeshadows:

(I) Using the fat sponge tip, apply the Nuance Color (top right) all over the eye area.
(II) Using the fat sponge tip, apply the Highlight Color (bottom left) at the inner corners as well as just under the brow.
(III) Using the slim sponge tip, apply the Jewel Crush Color (top left) in the middle of the lid.
(IV) Using the slim sponge tip, apply the Deep Color (bottom right) along the lash line.

I just tried out E5, and simply love it! All the shades applied very smoothly and the shimmer is just gorgeous. E5 is a smokey plum and pink palette which is definitely comparable to Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes & Testimo Grande Shine Eyes except that with the Jewel Crush Eyes, I don't get bits of the eyeshadow falling all over my cheeks like with the JS palettes. The bottom left shimmery white shade is especially pretty and intensely sparkley, excellent for highlighting the inner corners and lining under the eyes.

These are priced at 2415yen each but my drugstore discounts Visee by 25% so I got these for just 1811yen, even cheaper than a single MAC eyeshadow :-) There is also 4.7g of product in each palette, compared to 1.5g for a MAC eyeshadow pot.


Anonymous said...

hi haru,
can i check with u if 2nd palette in 3rd pic is E5 or...? cos i can't seem to match it back to the 1st pic where u have put the names. thks

Haru said...

The palettes in the third pic are (from left to right) E3, E4 (in the middle) and E5.

tinkerbelly said...

hi haru,
i've visee E2 & E5, loved them! & i am hoping to get E3 also.
lemming for 1 more.. would u suggest E1 or E4? tks

Whitney & the full effect said...

are these overpriced on adambeauty? gosh, i want them all!!! so pretty- have you seen the two new colors? i think they're new on adambeauty...

Haru said...

Dear Whit,

The Jewel Crush Eyes price of US$25 on Adambeauty is not excessive as the price includes postage. The palettes usually retail for 2415yen in Japan, but many drugstores discount them by around 25% so you can usually get it for around US$18.

I have seen E6 and E7 but didn't find them that extraordinary. These actually came out in Spring 2008 so they are not that new.