Monday, 23 July 2007

Jill Stuart Fall collection review

I got to play with the testers of the JS fall collection last week and the outstanding items are Brilliance Eyes #6 Glazed Garnet and Eye Jelly #21 Ruby Romantic. Eye Jelly #21 is a gorgeous deep metallic burgundy brown that is perfect for fall. Brilliance Eyes #6 is pretty much what it looks like in the close-up photo that I'd posted earlier from the Daimaru website. The Point Crystal loose eyeshadows are also super pretty. The three new Lip Lustres are very pigmented and shimmery but #17 looks like it has glitter bits.

The Mix Blush Compacts are an utter disappointment. There is so little pigment that I had to literally rub the surface of the blushes several times before I could see any color showing up on the back of my hand. #2 and #4 are the only ones that had any decent pigment. For #1, save for the top right shade, the rest are so pale they show up as an almost whitish shimmer. #5 is ugly, I can understand why it's limited people would be compelled to buy it just for the LE factor! The finish is semi-matte without obvious sparkles. And the attached brush is stiff. So don't bother getting these unless you've got money to burn or you like really really pale blushes. If you like pigmented shimmery blushes, then you're much better off getting Gransenbon or Excel or even Canmake rather than these overpriced duds. Still, got to give JS points for attractive packaging.


Fan_GgIRL said...

wow! My heart is broken! I can't believe it!!!!! I was so hoping for wonderful blushes :(

Are you getting any of the blushes?

Totally debating now!

Unknown said...

Thanks Haru for e review.. Was having mixed feelings for e mix blush compacts. Now, they are complete killed.. Which is a blessing in disguise so i can get some other stuffs instead!! :)

Kathi said...

Ah, thanks for the review! Lemming for the blushes is totally killed!
The #6 e/s quad looks fantastic, not so sure about #7. It doesn't look that unique but I am collecting so I have to get it =D

Anonymous said...

The lemming waned as soon as you'd mention how sheer they were, in a previous post. I can happily say it's quashed well and good now...A hearty THANK YOU from my wallet for your review. *LOL*!

Haru said...

I'm not getting any of them. They're just not worth the money when I can get Gransenbon for much less $$$. I'd rather spend on the JS palettes, Eye Jellies, Point Crystals and Lip Lustres.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, that's so disappointing! I guess the new blushes are just good to look at and nothing else :P I am still tempted to get at least one to try ..

Unknown said...

Hi Haru,

Thanks for your updates, I am so looking forward to this collection.