Monday, 23 July 2007

Integrate Fall Collection

Pics of Integrate's fall collection from Voce and Maquia magazines. The collection will include:
1. Live Fix Eyes (1575yen) which has one cream eyeshadow base with three powder eyeshadows in each palette
2. Volume & Curl Mascara EX, 1260yen
3. Separate & Curl Mascara EX, 1260yen
4. Long & Curl Mascara EX, 1260yen
5. Glamorous Rouge in 3 new shades, RS533, PK333 & BE232. 1260yen
6. Live Fix Rouge lipsticks in 12 shades, 1575yen
7. Lip Forming Liner in 4 shades, 840yen.

The only thing that looks interesting to me is the new Glamorous Rouge lipgloss in RS533 which looks like a gorgeous wine shade. The release date is 21 August.

Also debuting on 21 August is a new sub-brand, Integrate Gracy which is aimed at ladies in their 50s and above. The price points are also lower than those of Integrate but the color range looks quite unimaginative, to be honest. The products include:
1. Lip Liner Pencil 420yen
2. Lipstick 945yen
3. Cheek Color 787yen
4. Mascara 997yen
5. Eye Color 787yen
6. Nail Color 367yen
7. Eyebrow Pencil (Soft) 420yen
8. Eyeliner Pencil 420yen

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Kathi said...

That Integrate Gracie reminds me of Kanebo Media =P Thanks for posting, I am glad I got no lemmings!