Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Majolica Majorca, Kate, Lavshuca, Maquillage Website Updates

The Majolica Majorca website has been updated with the latest Chapter 16 'Beauty in Black'. MM's website is always the most beautifully presented, playful and innovative of all the Japanese makeup brands. The latest chapter has a gothic feel, right down to the cat wailing in the soundtrack.


Here's the breakdown of the steps for the promo image:
(i) Shadow Customise BK922 (from lashline to crease) and WT920 (under the brow area as a highlighter)
(ii) Jewelling Pencil BK901 (line upper lid), SV802 (along lower lid), PK204 (at inner corners)
(iii) Lash Bond and Lash Expander Neo applied in generous coats

Lips - Rouge Majex PK404

Cheeks - Cheek Customise RD255

The Kate, Lavshuca, Lunasol & Maquillage websites have also been updated. Do check out all the new TV commericals! The new Kate TV commercial featuring the Gradical Eyes S GN palette on Nakashima Mika plus two clips on the making of the commercial. I love the Maquillage model Yubi Ebihara's super glam look.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was wondering what was used for the promo!

I think this is by far the best popup book they did!

Too cute!

Rabbit said...

Mika looks gorgeous in the cm!!!
Yay! I love her! (^o^)

Anonymous said...

do you happen to know the eye color and lip color for the maQUIA

Unknown said...

MM webbie is very innovative, come to a point which i am unsure where to click. *lafs* Very goth like.. When you click on the jewelry gloss, you can see how it looks like on the model lips.

I go agree that MQ's model is so very jude!! love her eye makeup, pale blusher & soft pink lips. Compliment her whole outlook very well. Smokey & sultry. I am so tempted to get the eyeshadow palette but I prolly won't be able to get the same effect so... *zips*

By the way, does the MM jewelry liner smudge easily or it's something like sweat proof? Thanks!

Haru said...

The MM Jewellery Liner is supposed to be resistant against smudging and sweat. I haven't worn it personally so I can't say how well it wears.

The Maquia cover look used:
1. Maquillage Brow & Nose Shadow Compact #20
2. Maquillage Sparkle Contrast Eyes BL754
3. Maquillage Mascara Combing Glamour BL752
4. Maquillage Neo Climax Lip BE352
5. Maquillage Cheek Color PK313

Tammy said...

The visual theme for "Beauty in Black" really reminds me of KATE. The little booklet that came with the line looks very similar to the KATE booklets. Not that I'm complaining :)