Thursday, 19 July 2007

Majolica Majorca discontinued items

With the fall collection release, the following MM products will be discontinued:
1. Single eyeshadows BR710 (pity!), OR360, #11 & PK233
2. Essence Conc Rouge
3. Lip Amulet
4. Line Customise Eyes

Spotted the new Lash Expander Neo and Lash Bond in the store today but the rest of the fall collection hasn't arrived yet.


Tammy said...

I came across the new line in my drugstore today! It's a day ahead of the official release, I guess... Unexpected but exciting :) Actually all the new products were there (but no cream blushers). I'm really loving the black and gold color theme for fall (reminds me a lot of KATE). The Jewelling pencils are really lovely; I bought the white one and the mascara base (by accident). Really want to get one of the glosses but can't decide which one :)

kuri* said...

Thanks for the info! I have to pick up BR710 before it disappears.

They were setting up the new line at Tomod's yesterday but I didn't stick around to see the new stuff.