Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Awake Electric Lights collection

The Awake website has been updated with the "Electric Lights" collection which will be released on 4 August in Japan. The collection includes:
1. Roll Curl Mascara X1 Prism Black and X2 Mauve Gem (3150yen), LE
2. Reflectance Eyes Stardom E5 Mauve Mirage and E6 Lilac Shadow (5040yen)
3. Lip Lacquer #14 Kissy Pink and #15 Rose Opal (2940yen)
4. Gem Glint Liner #8 Amethyst Mauve (2625yen)
5. Nail Lacquer #50 Silver Spark (1050yen)

I had the fortune of being the first to play with the brand new testers at the Isetan Awake counter a couple of weeks ago. The outstanding products are the two palettes (of course!), the Gem Glint Liner which is a gorgeous smokey metallic burgundy and Lip Lacquer #15 Rose Opal (gorgeous creamy medium rose without too much frosty shimmer). Both palettes are a lovely mix of soft cool metallic shades that are very wearable, elegant and ladylike. They are also not so pale that they wash me out. The palettes look much prettier in real life than the website photos. I'll post close-up photos once I get mine :-)
Another factor that makes shopping at Awake so enjoyable is that the SAs are very friendly, and not in the superficial way that one often encounters in Japan too. One of them was nice enough to sell me the new summer palette that was already in stock even though it was prior to the official release date. (Other brands are usually extremely strict about keeping to official release dates.) The Awake counters are also usually fairly quiet, not like the crowds that's always around the RMK counters.

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