Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kate Fall Collection

Check out these new pics of the forthcoming Kate fall collection!

1. Dual Carat Eyes BR3 and SV2 (SV1 was discontinued in May, guess this is the replacement)
2. Powder Gel Eyeliner in PU2 (looks like a burgundy shade!)
3. Deep Eyes N in PU2 (looks very similar to PU1 which was discontinued earlier this year except that PU2 has a dark purple shade in place of the dark navy in PU1)
4. Gradical Eyes N
5. Super Sharp Liner in BK1 (High Black)
6. Quick Liner S in BK1 (Intense Black) 7. Mascara Base S (Volume Long)
Magical Long Gel Mascara BK1
9. Rouge Trance N RS4 Shiny Rose and BE4 Light Beige

The rest of the shades in the Gradical Eyes S series can be viewed here.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and reviews! Gradical Eyes looks very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love the Dual Carats! I've hit pan on some. :D The new ones look muted but I bet they are intense and go on really well, as with the rest.

Anonymous said...

do you happen to know the diff bwt sv1 and sv2? thanks

Haru said...

From what I can recall, SV1 was a lighter shade of silver and silvery white. SV2 looks like a medium grey.