Sunday, 11 April 2010

Addiction Le Mépris

The Addiction website has been updated with the Le Mépris summer collection which is due out on 23 April in Japan. Le Mépris is the title of a 1963 film starring Brigitte Bardot. Addiction Creative Director, Ayako (former NARS International Makeup Director) was also inspired by the island of Capri for this collection.

The collection includes:

1. Le Mépris Compact (7875yen)

2. Eyeshadow in Fanfare (2100): dark cobalt green with green pearl

3. Lipstick in Le Mépris (2940yen): bright orange red

4. Lipgloss in Shirley Temple (2625yen): milky coral pink

5. Blush in Cookie (2940yen): sunkissed brown with gold pearl

6. Eyeliner Pencil in Fanfare (2940yen): dark cobalt green

All items are limited edition. Check out the special website here!


Kathi said...

Hmmm...all in all a totally unattractive collection in my opinion! The model also looks as if she just witnessed some murder or so lol!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi!
I was in Tokyo and visited the Addiction counter in Isetan in Shinjuku. That's the one and only counter in Tokyo currently. I really liked the pink blush that was in the spring collection but unfortunately it was sold out. I find the Addiction promo visuals all to be very reminiscent of NARS.

Unknown said...

this pic give me the same feel as Nars. the model's hair color, the body pose...

Kathi said...

overall I really like Addiction =D Their products are really good!
I personally don´t like the NARS ad-style that much though, I prefer the typical cute/pretty/feminine Japanese style of ads lol!
Also I wish they would use a Japanese model, not a Caucasian one =)

Anonymous said...

I love this...since I'm very into bronzy summer makeup. Very Brigitte Bardot. But, yes, I wished they used Asian model!!!