Sunday, 4 April 2010

RMK Summer 2010

RMK will release its Summer 2010 collection on 7 May in Japan. The collection includes:
1. Mix Colour for Eyes in Shiny (3990yen, limited edition)

2. Mix Colour for Cheeks in Shiny (3990yen, limited edition)

3. Nail Colour EX: 30 shades in three finishes, Pearl, Shiny and Clear. Formulated with macadamia nuts oil and royal jelly. (1575yen, 12ml)

Check out this Japanese blog for pics of the new nail polishes.

We passed by the RMK flagship store in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo earlier this week. It is in AO Building, between a Chanel beauty boutique and a Bobbi Brown store.

The boutique was promoting its Anniversary Palette collection, which is exclusive to the Aoyama store.


cewek said...

Did the boutique move locations within Aoyama? I remember dragging DH all around Aoyama trying to find the boutique so that I can buy the Aoyama exclusive blush shades! Hahahaha...great memories there!

Haru said...

Yes, it moved from its original location. The building that it is now is looks very new.

Michelle said...

Oooo, I like the pink blush in the LE palette!