Friday, 23 April 2010

Lancome Virtuose Haul

I dropped by the Lancome counter in Takashimaya earlier this evening to check out the new Virtuose Precious Cells mascara. The counter had a very attractive range of promotions as part of the launch as follows:

1. Receive a free full size eyeshadow with purchase of a Virtuose mascara (S$49).

2. Receive a 7-piece Blanc Expert skincare sample set with purchase of S$180. This includes Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate 5ml, Ultimate Whitening Lotion (Very Moist) 50ml, Ultimate Whitening Renewing Night Cream 15ml, Hydrating Emulsion (Very Moist) 15ml, Purifying Foam 30ml, GN-White Spot Eraser 10ml and Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum 5ml. The set has a retail value of S$210.

3. Receive a limited edition Palette Blason #1 Pink Rose with purchase of S$250.

4. Receive a $30 voucher that is instantly redeemable with purchase of S$330.

I usually do not indulge in high end mascaras as I find drugstore mascaras perform well enough for me. The most expensive mascara I've ever splurged on was Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara which cost me S$38 at a Robinsons Expo sale. The SA told me that the Virtuose mascara #1 Precious Black also helps to condition the lashes. According to the label, the mascara is manufactured in Japan. But what really made me decide to splurge on the Virtuose mascara was the promise of the free eyeshadow, plus the fact that the legendary G40 Erika F. was one of the six shades available! Erika F. is highly sought after especially by US ladies because it is sold only in Europe and Asia, as one of the ingredients in it is not allowed in makeup products in the US.

The Palette Blason was the next gift that made me decide to pick up a few more items. I would have purchased just the Palette Blason if I could but unfortunately, in Singapore it is not for sale by itself. It has an overspray of silver glitter, but after the glitter layer rubs off, the blush/face powder has more of a semi-matte finish.

The powder is imprinted with the Lancôme Coat of Arms which founder Armand Petitjean set during the birth of the brand in 1935, with the Lancôme Rose, Cherub and Lotus, representing the Lancôme art of perfumery, makeup and skincare respectively.

I also picked up the Blanc Expert Mineral White-Reviving Liquid Foundation P-01 (S$75), Blanc Expert Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum (S$95), Color Fever Gloss #264 Urban Beige (S$39) and Hydra Zen Neurocalm Extreme Soothing Moisturising Cream-gel (S$98).

So, here's my complete haul! As I was a Lancome member, I also received a Bi-facil cleanser 30ml. The SA also gave me a Hypnose Senses fragrance sample :-)

Overall, I think the promotional gifts for this launch are truly outstanding, as they are not simply the dime-a-dozen skincare samples or mini lipgloss/lipstick samples. The Virtuose mascara is pricey on its own, but throw an Erika F. eyeshadow into the mix, and suddenly it looks like an excellent deal given that even drugstore mascaras can cost close to S$30. I was also really delighted to be able to snag the Palette Blason.

These GWPs are exclusive to Takashimaya. The promotion started today and should run for about one week as usual.


Anonymous said...

stole some of the foundation from my mum to try. its very thin and light but accentuates every single flake on my skin =[

makeupmag said...

I love Erika F - I have one in a palette and one as a single. It's a very unique eyeshadow. Enjoy your haul!

Yen's closet said...

Nice haul :)The face colour is pretty

Michelle said...

What a great haul! I can't wait for your reviews on the new foundation!

. : * justine * : . said...

What a haul!! It is nice to see that the GWPs are actually full-sized, or full-set products - I usually get suckered into purchasing to get the gift but then either the samples are too small for me to see if they actually work, or I forget to use them and they sit around my room collection dust :S.

Lancome is not a brand I use or purchase often - their American collections don`t hold a lot of appeal for me. I`d be interested in seeing what you think of the foundation though! They are starting to bring the Blanc Expert line to North America :)

Haru said...

hey justine,
I also don't purchase Lancome very often as their colour makeup tends to be hit-or-miss for me. Often, I find the eyeshadows and blushes feel a bit dry and not as silky as compared to other brands. The skincare is also very pricey! I definitely balked at paying S$98 for a pot of moisturiser, but because I really wanted the Palette Blason, I sucked it up. But their Maquicake UV Infinite powder foundation is still the best that I've tried so far.

I do actively try to use up the skincare samples that I get, but then again, I get way more than I could ever use up!

Hey Michelle,
I'll review the foundation after I try it over the next couple of days.

kas said...

I didn't know G40 Eyeshadow was soo coveted! I have it and I just depotted it cos it wasn't getting enough love from me! LOL! Great haul! and yes, you're right about the gifts this time - very generous and I would similarly indulge but I'm on a bread-and-water stint so ... :P

Haru said...

Hey Kas,
Erika F. is talked about quite often on MakeupAlley and also on some of the beauty blogs. I think it's a silver paillette pearl ingredient which is not allowed in the US, wonder why? Read about that on the Lancome blog earlier this year.

Every time after a haul like that, I'll feel like, ok I need to go a couple of weeks without shopping, then next thing I know, I get bored, I see something pretty and bam, I'm handing over my credit card again... sigh.

BeautyOnTheWay said...

The powder really looks special and beautiful!

Joanne said...

can i combine the amt for the mascara $49 with other products to total up to $180 to get both gift? or must i spend $49 + $180 to get both gifts?

metro is having 20% off. which one is more worth it?

Haru said...

Yes, the mascara price can qualify towards the $180 free gift! If you spend $250, you get the Palette Blason + 7 piece skincare set. If you spent $330, you get $30 instantly redeemable voucher + Palette Blason + 7 piece skincare set. And if your purchase includes the Virtuose mascara, you also get the free full size eyeshadow like I did. These promotions are exclusive to Takashimaya.

As for the Metro 20% sale, it depends what you want to buy and whether you want the gifts that are available at Taka. If the GWPs at Taka do not appeal to you, then it's more worthwhile to go for the 20% off at Metro. I think Virtuose Precious Cells is not available at Metro yet.

Jasmine said...

Hi Haru! U mentioned that the Maquicake UV Infinite powder foundation is the best u've tried so far. I've oily, acne prone skin. Is this foundation suitable for my kind of skin type?

Haru said...

Yes, Maquicake is actually very suitable for oily, acne-prone skin. That is also my skin type. The Lancome SA also said that between the Blanc Expert powder foundation versus Maquicake, Maquicake actually has better oil control. Also, just by swatching the surface of the Blanc Expert powder foundation, I felt that it was not as smooth as Maquicake.

Juschev said...

I still got the Erika F from the 1st time. The compact was round tho;) Love the sparkles!!

Hannah said...

Ooo... Makes me want to open my Maquicake refill now and use it tomorrow.

But I find Maquicake's coverage is very light. What other powder foundation with great oil control but better (medium) coverage have you tried?

Btw, love that Palette Blason. Great haul!

Haru said...

hi Hannah,
Maquicake gives me pretty good coverage. The other powder foundations that I have tried recently all tended to be more sheer, like RMK Powder Foundation EX and Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation L. Benefit's Hello Flawless! powder foundation has quite good coverage, but the shades tend to be quite yellow toned.

leechie said...

hihi haru,

i went to the taka counter juz nw...but they said there's no more stock for Erika F! =(

wondering if there r other brands with similar color to Erika F?thx alot

Haru said...

Have you tried other Lancome counters to see if they have Erika F.? It's quite a unique colour, can't really think of any dupes for it.