Sunday, 11 April 2010

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream

I tried out the Skin 79 VIP Gold BB Cream SPF25 PA++ today and I must say I was impressed! My skintype is oily, acne-prone with skin redness and enlarged pores on the cheeks and T-zone area. So I need a foundation that helps to even out my skintone with good oil control and without pooling in my pores.

Although the VIP Gold BB Cream is said to be suitable for dry/combination skin, I found that it glides on and blends very smoothly with a light, non-greasy texture. It evened out my skintone and looked natural without any ashiness or dullness. The photo below was taken right after application and before setting it with loose powder. I applied the BB Cream directly after cleansing my face, without any toner/primer/moisturiser as I wanted to see how well it would last and the oil control power.

The photos below were taken after six hours of wear. What was amazing for me was that I only needed to blot once in those six hours! With other foundations, I usually need to blot every hour or so. When I got home, I was surprised to find that I had only a slight sheen on my T-zone area. The BB cream still looked natural and had not caked or faded.

To be honest, I was surprised by how well the VIP Gold BB Cream worked on my skin. My previous experience with SINN had led me to have fairly low expectations. I will need to use it for a longer period of time to see if it breaks me out. So far, my only gripe about the VIP Gold is that the pump does not have a cap to keep it properly sealed.

My buddy, Kathi, loves the VIP Gold BB Cream too. You can read her reviews here and here.


Sara Kye said...

I have yet to try VIP Gold out yet, glad it worked great for you thus far. I've tried the Hot Pink one a couple times. Can't wait to try VIP Gold after your initial findings!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it does sound impressive. The only other bb cream I've liked was L'egere, but it's way too dark and makes me look weird :S I'll look more into this, cos Kathi and you both have tried a lot of fuondations etc, so I'm really interested if a product passes with a thumbsup from you both :D

Haru said...

hi Innerchild,
I haven't tried L'egere before so I can't say how it compares to Skin79. Izzy at also loves the Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream. You can read her review here:

Hey Sara,
I tried VIP Gold first as it seemed to be more suitable for my skintone. I'll stick with it for a week before trying out the Hot Pink as I want to see if it affects my skin. Looking forward to reading your review!

. : * justine * : . said...

I was interested in BB Creams for a while but most of them seem WAY too pale (so does this one) but I'm glad it works for you! Yumeko actually sent me a whole bunch of samples and so far I like L'Egere best (it's dark enough for me) but I have also liked BanilaCo's Let Me BB :)

Anonymous said...

i really like this bb cream too, glad that skin79's coming to sg so i can pick up the full size!

Kathi said...

The color looks so natural on you! Cool to see you trying out some BB Creams =D I only use the one from Meishoku on a regular basis these days when I just need to drive the kids to school and kindergarten =D

Haru said...

hey justine,
I was put off by the thick texture of BB Creams initially as I have oily skin, but after trying Skin79, I find that as long as you control the application, it actually feels very lightweight.

hey Kathi,
The BB Cream seems like a very convenient product to use as I can just slap it on, dust some loose powder and go if I'm in a rush, without having to apply moisturiser or primer.

shopaholic said...

thanks for the review :) i will certainly try it out. but the bottle design seems clunky :(

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your review for the Hot Pink one. I have oily/combination skin but some dry patches too. Now I'm not sure whether the Hot Pink or the VIP Gold would work for me.

Vanessa said...

I read from makeupstash that Skin79 Hot Pink is good for oil control.I was about to go and get it then I read your review here.

I am wondering which one is better for my oily/combination skin with shiny T-zone and enlarged pores around the nose.

Haru said...

hi Vanessa,
Personally, I found VIP Gold provides better oil control than the hot pink Super Plus (I also have oily skin and enlarged pores). I would recommend trying out the texture and shade in the store first before deciding which one to purchase.

Vanessa said...


Thanks for your reply.

I am going to try out both to see which is better.

I've tried 3 brands of BB cream, all are not quite satisfactory.Hope the Skin79 ones are better.