Thursday 29 April 2010

Skin79 UV Perfect BB Pact & Perfect Cover BB Concealer

While checking out the new Skin79 display at Watsons in Ngee Ann City on Tuesday, I decided to purchase the UV Perfect BB Pact (S$35.90) and the Perfect Cover BB Concealer (S$47.90) from the Diamond Collection as I was curious if they would perform as well as the two Skin79 BB Creams that I have been using in place of foundation.

The BB Pact powder is quite finely milled and feels smooth to touch. Although it comes with a sponge, I prefer to use a face brush to sweep it on top of the BB Cream, in place of loose powder. The shade is a light neutral beige that would probably best suit MAC NC25-30 skin tones.

The compact is light yet sturdy. There is a clear plastic lid for the sponge that flips out to the side, which I thought was quite nifty and much more practical than the usual flimsy plastic sheets that I usually end up dropping on the floor. However, the loud 'click' that the lid makes when closing sounds plasticky, and not as classy as the soft muted 'clicks' of the more high-end prestige brands.

With SPF30 and PA++, the BB Pact provides comprehensive sun protection.

Here's the product description and ingredients list.

The Super Plus BB Cream does not completely conceal the redness in my cheeks and some of the dark spots. The pic below shows my skin with the the BB Pact applied on top of the Super Plus BB Cream. The BB Pact helps to provide more coverage and further evens out my skin tone into a soft matte finish. Together with the Super Plus BB Cream, it lasted quite well over more than 12 hours of wear and I only needed to touch up every few hours with a blotting sheet. I tried using the BB Pact on its own without the Super Plus BB Cream but it just did not look as good. When used in conjunction with the BB Cream, my pores appear smaller and my skin tone is more even.

Like the BB Pact, the Perfect Cover BB Concealer is only available in one shade. The two cream concealers in it are both on the light side, from maybe MAC NC15-25. The lighter shade on the left side is meant for the under eye area while the darker shade on the right is meant for skin discolourations. Both feel quite emollient and easy to spread, but the coverage falls short of full coverage.

I used the lighter shade from the Perfect Cover BB Concealer, plus Dior Night Butterfly palette and Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof mascara. The Perfect Cover BB Concealer is quite pricey but the amount of product it contains is quite generous with each shade weighing in at 3g. In terms of performance, I thought it was average as it faded a bit over the course of the day and did not camouflage my dark under eye circles completely.

Product description and ingredients list for the concealer.

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Anonymous said...

What eyeshadows are you wearing in your photos? I really like the purples! Thanks.

Haru said...

I'm wearing the Christian Dior Night Butterfly palette. You can see another look that I did with the palette here:

Anonymous said...

hi! jus wondering if you could please do a skincare routine of yours? cos i've similar skin type as u (oily and acne-prone) and u've done a great job to prevent outbreaks! =) so it would really be helpful! thanks! =)

zhenling said...

hi haru,
thanks for the review =]
disregarding the price, do you like skin 79 concealers or paul and joe concealers more?

Haru said...

hi zhenling,
I like this Paul & Joe Under Eye Concealer N more than the Skin79 BB Concealer. The P&J concealer has better lasting power. But I've used the Skin79 BB Concealer only twice so far, so I'm going to try it a few more times to see if I can get it to last better. I'll try to do a post comparing the concealers that I am using currently.

Haru said...

Sure, I'll do a post on my skincare routine this weekend although I have to say that it's not a fancy routine and actually I still do suffer from occasional pimples (mostly small ones, not big cystic acne thankfully) and I certainly do not have perfect skin obviously (far from it!).

Anonymous said...

thanks, i'll be looking forward to it! :)

my name's cindy btw, thought it would be rude to remain anonymous cos u've been very nice to share all these great reviews and to give in to our requests. Thank u!

Anonymous said...

the combo looks very good on your skin!

shumin said...

hey if you like korean cosmetics, it'll be a lot cheaper to purchase online than retail. try i've ordered from there before and the service is good. the seller keeps you updated if the shipment is delayed and packs the stuff tightly with bubble wrap and styrofoam. thanks for all the info abt sales!

TheAdoreShop said...

Thanks for the great review~!

Mommy to Wonder Boy said...

Thanks for this review! You just saved me the money. I was thinking of buying this because I needed a cream product, but you made me realize that this is going to be too light for my NC30 skin. Too bad, the pink case was actually cute.