Monday, 19 April 2010

My Beauty Diary Treasure & Pleasure Collections

Guardian Pharmacy has brought in new variety packs of the My Beauty Diary masks! Each set of 11 masks retails at S$19.90 each.

The Treasure Collection has Black Pearl, Pearl Powder, Q10, Cooling, Black Cherry Chocolate, Yogurt, Sake, Japan Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Lavender and Red Vine.

The Pleasure Collection has Aloe, Bulgarian Rose, Japan Cherry Blossom, Apple, Yogurt, Red Vine, Mixed Berries, Lavender, Strawberry & Yogurt, Natto and Intensive Peptides.

Black Cherry Chocolate is actually a limited edition that is no longer available, so I was delighted to see it available as part of the Treasure Collection.

The single flavour sets of 10 masks are currently also on sale at just S$14.90, instead of the usual S$19. I saw the Treasure and Pleasure Collections at the Guardian Pharmacy stores in Ion and Ngee Ann City. Get them before they sell out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing..
My friend told me about this mask and her friend just brought it back from Taiwan.. didnt know it is avail in Spore too... :)

Kathi said...

These sets are so cute! A pity that I am allergic to My Beauty Diary =(

ilovepeanuts said...

i get my usual fix of MBD at venus ( i checked n the masks i got r all genuine) and its only $15.90 a box!

Jenice said...

I got both sets too!!! Just tried the Strawberry & Yogurt mask the day before and I love the strawberry smell and it does work for my dry, patchy skin.... any idea if this is the LE mask or they have it in the regular box??

Anonymous said...

Some sets still available at raffles place mrt guardian :)

Yumeko said...

sweets~i still have black cherry choco if u want some ^^ i'll send some to u!

Haru said...

hey Yumeko,
I tried the Black Cherry Choco mask last night and it was pretty good but I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the scent! Maybe cos it made me hungry instead...haha. Thanks but please don't trouble yourself to send these to me!

hey Jenice,
I'm afraid I don't know if the Strawberry & Yogurt is available in the regular box.

hey Kathi,
I was quite surprised to see the sets! Bought four packs ;-p

winterberry_gal said...

Hi Haru,
The masks certainly look v cute!
By the way, is it worth it to get the masks from Taiwan?
I'm going to Taiwan in a week's time and could you advise what are the must-buys skincare and cosmetics in Taiwan?
Thanks lots!

Haru said...

My Beauty Diary is definitely cheaper in Taiwan so many people stock up when they go there. Jill Stuart and Lunasol are also available in Taiwan at prices that are lower than anywhere else. I think Taiwan also has Laura Mercier, Lavshuca, Albion.

Vonvon said...

The packaging for both collections is very cute. And a nice variety of masks too!