Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lancome Blanc Expert Mineral Liquid Foundation

Lancome Blanc Expert Mineral White-Reviving Liquid Foundation (S$75, 25ml) promises a radiant, translucent finish while covering both spots and pores. As it is designed and tested on Asian skins, and manufactured in Japan, I had fairly high hopes for it.

Here's the product description.

The ingredients list (not paraben-free).

It comes in a elegant glass bottle with a pump that is easy to control in terms of dispensing the fluid. In fact, one full pump is too much for one application so I usually use about half a pump. After prepping my skin with Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum, I warm up the foundation in my palm before dotting it on and then blending it out with my fingertip. The foundation texture reminds me of L'Oreal's True Match Liquid Foundation (L'Oreal is the parent company of Lancome) in that it is a thin liquid that dries down quite fast to a slightly powdery matte finish, so you need to blend it out quickly. It is essential to sufficiently moisturise your skin before using this foundation because otherwise, it does tend to accentuate any dry patches/flakes.

The coverage is sheer to medium. It does even out my skintone but does not completely conceal dark spots or my under eye circles. In terms of oil control, I still needed to blot my skin every hour or so (which is normal for me) but at least the foundation doesn't pool in my pores or start streaking when my skin starts to get oily.

Overall, I felt that it was a decent foundation but not really holy grail material for me. I still find Lancome's Maquicake UV Infinite Powder Foundation to be more user-friendly in terms of ease of application and with better oil control. Also, if you have dry skin, the Blanc Expert Mineral liquid foundation is probably not suitable for you.

The lovely Kas from Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle gifted me with this Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette C10 Renaissance Printaniere a couple of weeks ago. The Ombre Absolute series was just released last year. The texture is quite silky with a lovely glimmer that is not too frosty. The shades are best applied with the sponge applicator for greater intensity.

For this look, I also used Virtuose Precious Cells mascara and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero.


Furry Guy! said...

You look hot!!!

deb said...

although i think the comment by Furry Guy! sounds somewhat suggestive, i agree wholeheartedly, you look great in this makeup :)

Haru said...

hi deb,
Furry Guy is actually my husband posting from India (where he's working) :-) Thanks for your kind comment!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

Lancome has phased out their previous UV Maquicake casing and foundation refill. The new refill one is a click on type, just like the Japanese brand refills we are used to. The previous version is the double sided tape kind; I need to 'dig out' my empty refill from the casing all the time. :((

Anyway, it means we kinda need to buy the new casing if we want to buy any new refill. :(

FYI please :)

Anonymous said...

u look so pretty! honestly! :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I really like the finish of this foundation - but it sucks that it is pretty high maintenance! Do you set with powder after application? Right now I am using MUFE'S HD powder (I had a sample) to set my makeup but I am thinking of switching to this: since it is cheaper and not just pure silica. I'm still looking for a pressed compact - I did get a sample of JS Super Foundation N so maybe I'll see if that matches (even though it is SO expensive). :) Love the green! I really need to start using my Alice palette... but somehow the colours are overwhelming when I open it!

Kas said...

LOL! @ Furry Guy, what a wowza compliment! Its the eyeshadow's doing right?! Hee hee!
Iris, the greens look good on you! Is that silvery shade a dupe for Erika F G40? I'm going to use it in a LOTD soon too - I forgot I even had it till I did my depotting-exercise!

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,
Thanks for the info! I didn't know that they had revamped the Maquicake packaging.

Hey Kas,
I haven't tried Erika F yet but the silvery olive shade in the quad you gave me is definitely very close to Erika F. I'll need to swatch them together to see if they are identical.

Haru said...

hey Justine,
I always set my foundation with loose powder, as I need any help with oil control that I can get! Also, I find that the loose powder gives a much more polished and dreamy finish. The pics that I took are before I applied the loose powder as I wanted to show how the foundation looks on my skin.

Do try out the Alice palette! I usually use only 2 or 3 colours from it at a time, don't think I've actually used every single colour in the palette yet! But it's a fun palette with plenty of creative options.

Lisa R (in the UK) said...

Iris, I love this green look on you - stunning!!

(sorry, can't comment about the foundation b/c I can't get past the gorgeous green!)

Haru said...

Thank you, Lisa! I have a soft spot for green eyeshadows but lately, I've been wary of wearing them as I get older because I don't want my eye makeup to look too garish.

veevee said...

May i know what shade you are wearing for the foundation ? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

LOL@Furry Guy

this is the first time I actually see you in proper full face shot!!
you should post more photos!
you look so pretty!! :)

Pinky said...

Hey Haru

Wow, you have such a sweet husband! :-)

Haru, i'm curious. you said the Lancome mineral liquid foundation isn't so suitable for dry skin but you need to blot pretty often and it's would mean it's moisturizing right hence it shall be suitable for dry skin?

Please clarify my thoughts because i believe i must have misread somewhere...sorry my brain processor a bit slow and skewed! LOL thanks

Haru said...

hi veevee,
I am using P-01 for this Lancome foundation.

Hi Pinky,
The Lancome foundation is not moisturising at all, and can be a bit drying (as seems to be often the case with whitening beauty products). It accentuates any dry patches and skin flakes that one may have. I still need to blot every couple of hours because my skin is naturally very oily, not because the foundation is moisturising.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your great review Iris! Your EOTD is really fantastic! Love the green on you!

I don't think I will be trying this foundation since I have really oily skin.

karenclementine123 said...

Hi Haru , may i know what shade u got for this foundation .?i guess we have similar skin tone , so i may be able to refer to ur shade.:) Have a nice day!

Haru said...

Hi Karen,
I wear P-01 for this foundation but I think it may be slightly too fair for me.