Saturday, 17 April 2010

LeSportSac 35th Avenue Mook

The LeSportsac mooks arrived in the late afternoon yesterday (Friday) at Kinokuniya. These retail for S$27.50 each (or S$24.75 after the 10% members discount). No reservations are allowed so you have to go down to the stores to buy them. There were about 20 copies of each of the three designs when I was at the store in Ngee Ann City.

The 35th Avenue print is exclusive to Japan. The material is exactly the same rip-stop nylon as that used in regular LeSportsac bags.

To my disappointment, I discovered that the multi-case in my copy was unevenly stitched together such that the two sides do not align, although it still zips up properly. You can see the edges are totally out of alignment with one another. This is the first time I've encountered such a defect in a mook accessory. My friend, who bought the black glitter version, got a case that was perfectly fine, so looks like it's just my bad luck. So caveat emptor (buyer beware). (Edited to add: I managed to exchange the case at Kino.)

The case also comes with a detachable strap (not pictured here).

The interior has several compartments of varying sizes. The case design is very similar to the Lily wallet design, which retails for S$95-$100 at Isetan.

Some pages of the 64-page mook.


Anonymous said...

I bgt the black glitter one from Kino Bugis & spent a huge amount of time figuring out how to attach the strap to the bag. When I saw your pics I realise why. Unlike yours, the 2 strap holders are not sewn on my bag, thus rendering the detachable strap useless -- I can't sling it over the shoulders at all. What a defect! Are the strap holders missing from your friend's black glitter bag too, I wonder.

Haru said...

The bag is definitely supposed to have the strap holders as you can see in this pic here

The original post is here:

Perhaps go back to Kino and ask for an exchange?

Anonymous said...

i got the black glitter bag and it's all good--properly sewn, aligned and with the strap holders... but i guess the quality control varies. i'm pretty happy with my pouch, the quality is good... if you get a non-defective one. -stella

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm sorry about the mis-alisgned pouch :( But what's this buzz about Lesportsac, eh? I see it in Japanese mags all the time. Are they really popular in japan?

Haru said...

hi Stella,
I managed to exchange the case at Kino today, so am happy now.

hi innerchild,
LSS is very popular in Japan for its lightweight bags that are easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of prints, with new prints being introduced every month.

Bevin said...

Hello :-) I just found your blog yesterday and your reviews are really useful! Anyway, I wanted to know if you might have any old cath kidston mooks (including the gift) you are interested to sell? Do contact me if you are/aren't. Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Exchanged my black glitter bag at Kino this morning. It's all good now :) At first, I was given another defective bag (which cannot be zipped close as the sides of the inner part jutted way out), but they went in to get another non-defective one for me.

Anonymous said...


I'm a silent reader & fan of your blog. :) I bought 2 designs yesterday! I couldn't which i liked better so i bought both. (You can see from my blog.)

Thank goodness you managed to exchange your pouch.

Haru said...

hi prisc,
Thank you! I have the light blue version on the way too ;-p

hi Bevin,
I'm keeping all of my Cath Kidston mooks, love them too much!

Anonymous said...

I like LSS too. However, the prices in Singapore just keeps on going up. In the past, I can easily snapped up 2 bags or 2 pouches at one go. Nowadays, probably only one item from LSS annually.

Juschev said...

The finishing for this batch is really bad. Mine is also showing uneveness and bad stitching but I think it might be too late to exchange cos prolly they'll be all gone.

I bought the black one in KL and the binding for the edge is coming off from the sample piece that they open up for public to see has