Friday, 30 April 2010

With x earth music & ecology

Picked up the June issue of With (S$19.30) at Kinokuniya today as it comes with a large canvas tote by earth music & ecology, which is a Japanese casual wear brand. Earth music & ecology, including their Liberty collection is available at Isetan Scotts Level 2.

The soft tote bag measures 26.5x36x11.5cm, which comfortably fits a few A4-size magazines. The interior is plain without any pockets.

I already have a ton of tote bags but couldn't resist the pretty print on this bag. The gold motif is actually shimmery, which I felt was a very nice touch!

The handles have a nice thickness and do not feel flimsy, as can sometimes be the case with these magazine tote bags.

The July issue will include a Tweety vanity pouch measuring 10x19x7cm. The release date is 28 May for Japan.


kenji_sugizo said...

Wow Thanks for the Info...many of us dunno that the Earth Song & Ecology brand is sold here.....

kenji_sugizo said...

Typo....I mean Earth Music...not song hehe

Jenny said...

Hi there Haru

I was wondering did you get the Spring magazine (issue 6) with the Paul Smith tote?

Haru said...

hey Jenny,
Nope, I skipped that. It looks cute but I just have too many small totes.