Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hard Candy Just Nails

The Hard Candy nail polish range at Walmart in Honolulu caught my eye with its gorgeous range of dramatic shades. These are super cheap at just US$5 for a 10.3ml bottle. Each bottle also comes with a plastic ring, great if you're a teenybopper but not so much if you're in your 30s!

Envy, a shiny dark emerald, was my very first pick as I'm always a sucker for such shades. It took two coats to achieve the shade intensity in the pics below.

Date Night is a cute rosy pink that is chock full of glitter. It applies sheer at first so I needed three coats to get a comprehensively glittery finish.

Both Date Night and Envy applied very smoothly without any streaking. I can't say anything about the lasting power as I just tried them out today.


. : * justine * : . said...

Oh I LOVE both colours. The line isn't in WAL-MART in Canada yet (I'm still hoping it makes it here eventually) and all the reviews have me itching to try it!

I remember buying the nail polishes JUST for the plastic rings when I was younger! I don't wear as much polish now (too annoying at work) but for that price point I'd pick up a few if I could!

Did you try any of the HC Makeup line?

Haru said...

hey justine,
I only bought the HC nail polishes, blue mascara, glitter mascara and liquid eyeliner. The rest of the makeup line did not appeal to me much, especially the eyeshadow palettes which came in very cheap-looking cardboard packaging and the shades looked dull from the outside. The lipsticks were not sealed so I didn't get them.

kuri said...

Envy looks fabulous!

makeupmag said...

I LOVE that blackened emerald shade and it seems to dry shiny and shimmery too. Great purchase!

Anonymous said...

I like Envy better out of the two shade. Always had the love for darker shade of nail polish and Envy look classier! :)

BV said...

Man alive... I am seriously lemming Envy...

Thanks for the great posts of Hawaii/Japan hauls!! I am reading with great interest.